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May 1, 2013

But No Complaints
Wednesday. To bed last night before ten, up this morning running a little late, but out the door and back from breakfast without problem on another going to be sunny hot day in May. Hey.

The pandorea has managed a first bloom. The two people sitting at a table just on the other side of the trellis wondered what I was doing with the camera when I took the picture, but such are the hazards of the street photographer. I think a nap now to be sure we got enough sleep last night, there's a May Day demonstration of some kind later in the afternoon at five. It's light at five, maybe I'll bring a camera along and attend.

Later. After much confusion and effort I managed to put together a set of wedding photographs this morning for a cousin who lives across the way, but not before I'd managed to attach some to an email or four, move those I'd sent and then more that I later found to a thumb drive to send in the mail and then, realizing they weren't all that large (confusing megabytes with gigabytes), burned them to a small disk, dropped it into an envelope and walked it to the post office.

Maybe I should talk less about the brain going with age, my little performance this morning was close (not quite, but close) to the real thing. Life will always have the last laugh.

But a walk to the post office and then on to the ATM, turning and heading back around to the morning café. No ice cream this time, lunch a BLT and a lemonade. The bacon is chancy, but there's not much bacon in a BLT and I figured the lettuce and tomato would do me good. We've not gotten any slower when last minute rationalization are required.

A bus back to the apartment, the day a t-shirt weather day, no discomfort unless you're out under the direct sun.

Later still. A bit of a nap, some screwing around with the web (too much screwing around with the web in this life) and now it's approaching the time I should set out for the downtown if I'm to photograph the May Day demonstration happening at five in front of the City Hall. I should, but it's now obvious I won't for whatever reason. Perhaps just because I'm tired, there are things coming up this weekend and the very idea is depressing. Going downtown. So I guess I won't. Is this a sign of success or failure?

Evening. A bit of a nap in the late afternoon, nothing on T.V. at six, but some decent time on the guitar. The evening goes slowly, a sign having having skipped the May Day demonstration at City Hall. Another Korean thing later and we'll take a peek, but then to bed. An up and down day, mostly up, but not so up that I was willing to head out to photograph the local (easy to get to) colorful photographer friendly May Day demonstration. But no complaints. Mumble.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm
f 2.8G VR II Nikkor lens.