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Here In Oakland

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May 24, 2013

Right About Now
Friday. To bed early enough, awake and then up before the alarm was due to sound, off to breakfast and back on a sunny Friday morning. So far, so good.

Back to look at yesterday's scrambled entry, some work to see if I couldn't at least make it sound and flow a little better, but giving up to lie down for a while. A nap, but cutting it short to get ready to go to my guitar lesson. No time to tune the guitar or a quick run through the lesson.

My, my. An ocular migraine was developing on the way, the vision choppy, finding it interesting to drive the narrow streets near his house trying to find a parking place, finally giving up and parking in the lot off of Grand and trudging up the hill. Interesting trudge, ran out of gas about half way there.

Sat out on the patio for ten minutes before the lesson was due to start as the various symptoms seemed to spend themselves, went into the lesson feeling better and did the deed. Reasonably good, could have been worse. I'd gotten it down much better in the last few days of practice, but OK for the way things had been going.

Back now at the apartment after eleven. Maybe finish out the nap I'd started this morning, the mouth not so dry now, the ocular migraine symptoms gone. Can't blame this one on food or alcohol, since I've not eaten any of the proscribed foods recently and haven't had any alcohol now for, well, weeks. None.

Interesting times?

Only if it shows up again in the near future and we're back to the old routine. I suspect not, but I have no reason I won't be surprised (life is like that). Right now we're alright.

Later. For all the messiness this morning, I set out and took a bus downtown to see what I could talk myself into for lunch. An odd state of mind, being hungry, but having no urge to eat anything I could think of. Odd to be going downtown when you're feeling about going is at best ambivalent.

Nothing in the City Center I wanted to eat, the place was crowded at one in the afternoon. Getting off the bus I'd walked by tables piled with clothes to the right of the banner in the photograph taken at Frank Ogawa Plaza, but otherwise no pictures, even when I walked over to 9th Street where they were holding the Friday farmers market. I'd totally forgotten about the market until I rounded the corner and it popped into view.

OK, farmers market, crowded, but one of the free green shuttle buses pulling up as I was approaching its stop, so a bus to Jack London Square to again walk around the area looking for somewhere I might be tempted to eat. I realized the push back was more for the restaurants themselves than the food. I could, for example, have eaten a salad. A fair amount of walking, at least, if nothing else.

A walk up Broadway to 9th again, a bus home. Getting off, I scanned the lake, thinking I'd turn around, cross Grand and walk up to the apartment, but there were the goslings being herded below me toward the sanctuary area. Obviously I'd been summoned to take their picture.

Still hungry, goslings in the camera, I decided to walk the short distance to the burger drive-in and pick up a steak sandwich to take home for lunch (and probably dinner).

A nice afternoon, the head since the morning has been reasonably clear, feel OK, but, you know, not overly motivated. Ambivalent. Something I've mentioned before. Yesterday, for example. And the day before. Maybe a nap, rest up, prepare for the soon to come Friday night in Oakland.

Which is different than, say, a Thursday night or a Saturday night in Oakland?

No. Not for me. Not anymore.

Evening. Some progress watching portions of three different Netflix movies I've been working on now this last several days and sitting through a detective program set in the Caribbean. What the hell, a decent evening, some time with the guitar, but time for bed. Right about now, I'd imagine.

The photo up top was taken at the 2012 San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.