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May 1, 2014

Translates Tomorrow
Thursday. To sleep at a decent hour, up with the alarm to head out the door feeling clear headed, no complaints, a run by the ATM on Lakeshore on the way to the morning restaurant, the sky clear, more high temperatures ahead.

Yesterday morning it had been almost too warm, sitting inside the café in but a long sleeved shirt. Not so this morning until I got home. Open the sliding glass door, turn on the fan. T-shirt weather before nine in the morning. My, my.

Still, after yesterday's temperatures, no complaints. I'd had their crab cake Benedict with Hollandaise sauce breakfast yesterday and I've been wondering if it might have caused the upset stomach and the ocular migraine (as a side effect) later? Could have been the lunch, could have even been from the day before, although I doubt it. No use in wondering, so we'll leave it there. Here.

Later. A walk to the T-Mobile shop over on Lakeshore this morning was the thought. It's approaching nine, they're probably open, although it occurred to me as I was approaching, since they're open into the evening, nine might be too early. Turns out they open at ten and so, it being nine-oh-five, back to the apartment.

I, of course, took pictures at the construction site on the way out. No sign of trucks pulling up, but lots of activity, some three scoop loaders (I'm sure there's a more accurate name for these) were active, all three down at the far end of the lot where they're quite a bit of preparation for something. Street connections to the building?

A picture, as I passed by the lake, another lake picture as I sat at one of the benches as I was returning, another couple of pictures of the construction site because I suspect I'm addicted and can't pass it up. I guess I really am committed to doing a set of construction site web pages and I will have to devise a way to present them in a reasonable number of pictures or nobody will bother to go through it. Might not bother even if it's done right. I have way too many to sort through now as it is.

It's now nine forty-five and I'm thinking of walking over to the T-Mobile store again. They have an offer that allows you to use your current phone, no buying a new one, and a monthlies at a savings of forty percent. That's a lot. And I don't like AT&T very much. I'd rather go with Credo for their political activities, but they don't have a discounts and you can't use the same phone with them. And I've used T-Mobile in the past with good luck.

Are you feeling embarrassed by not going with Credo? Your political beliefs/positions and all that. Seeing yourself parading about in a not quite squeaky clean good guy hat?

Later still. Another walk to the T-Mobile shop to find I must have my SIM card unlocked in order to use my current phone with a new carrier, so back to the apartment to go online and figure out how to make the request. At least it's done, they say they'll send me an answer in two to five business days. I wonder if they will suddenly offer to reduce my monthly rate in the interim? Good luck with that.

Afternoon. Out the door again with no idea of where I might go, walking down toward the 7-11 look-alike thinking bean dip and Doritos (I know, I should be embarrassed admitting to this) when I remembered I needed to pick up the balance of a prescription they said would be ready today. So a walk to nowhere lead to the bus stop.

Picked up the prescription, walked over to the Rotunda building for an iced coffee and a raspberry square of some kind (they were out of their raspberry shortcake cookies) to sit, drink and eat at a table more to enjoy the air conditioning than anything else. A walk to the bus stop to hop on a returning bus and home now in the mid-afternoon. Yes, I took pictures at the usual place.

A good day. Up into the high eighties, too warm for my taste, but they're saying highs twenty degrees cooler starting tomorrow and through the weekend. Sounds good. Looks good. The head clear, night and day over yesterday and so many thanks.

Evening. A young Inspector Morse at nine I'd seen before and the last half of a two part Elementary at ten. Ten is too late, but quite a bit of time on the guitar until ten to watch the damned thing. To bed at eleven to watch the remainder of an episode of House on the tablet and read an (interesting) article in this week's New Yorker, to sleep after midnight. I have no idea what got into my head, other than I was wide awake throughout and felt just fine. We'll see how that translates tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken of the construction site up the street this week with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.