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May 3, 2014

Age Related
Saturday. To bed by ten, awake after five not able to get back to sleep and so up just before six to head out half an hour early to breakfast, arriving before the café opened. So we sat in the car and read the papers as we waited.

You do slip between the editorial “we” and the personal “I” without apparent rhyme or reason.

We're aware, but it must be we don't care. I don't care, but I/we do think about it.

An overcast sky that will probably clear up soon. A dentist's appointment at ten, so out the door in thirty minutes to the Albany office.

The Cinco de Mayo festival in San Francisco this afternoon, which I will undoubtedly skip, although I'm still thinking about it. The How Weird Street Faire tomorrow afternoon, so maybe go easy today and hit it hard tomorrow. Am I learning to budget my energy? I say I don't get tired and I don't get physically tired. Just a little fuzzy and (maybe a little crazy) if I pile too much on, go to bed late or eat something on the to be avoided list for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Later. An easy drive to the dental appointment to have the teeth cleaned, back to head over to the farmers market to get out of the house. Been too long since I've taken a picture in passing through the market and so I felt a guilty need to at least press the shutter. Or something like that. A photographer needs to pay attention, expend energy, take pictures. Not so good when he doesn't do it.

On to the Lakeshore T-Mobile store again and when the guy checked, the phone didn't register it had been unlocked, but learning I not only needed to back the thing up, but then needed to erase all of its contents. I'll figure out how to erase it tomorrow, take care of moving the phone to T-Mobile Monday, get his thing done.

Two scoops of ice cream at the ice cream shop located next door to the T-Mobile shop. More handy than the AT&T outlet located farther on near Noah's Bagels and the bank ATM. A better location if the phone continues to lock up every time the operating system is updated? Nah, I already have enough excuses.

Back for a nap. Tired. Same old tired. An hour plus nap, some of it sleep. Good. Up to futz with the computer. Another nap after making spaghetti for dinner. Three meals a day. Doesn't matter what they are, just assign a name at the time that it's eaten. I've had Neccos wafers for lunch, for example, haven't had them yet for a dinner.

Another hour's nap. Nothing on television and so I watched more episodes of House, discovering, now that I'm into season three, I'd finally reached an episode I'd first seen on television. Still not sure why it manages to keep me watching.

I'm thinking all the characters represent pieces of a single composite character's psyche and maybe I'm attracted to the collective person, but put off, to various degrees through their internecine battles, by the individual characters/pieces themselves.

Or they represent aspects of your own pleasing personality.

Now, now. All good writing relates the viewer's reality to the story. My crankiness is age related and certainly not over the top. Right? We can agree on that, can we not? Self?

The photo up top was taken at the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.