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May 12, 2014

Only Conscious
Monday. Yes, I had seen last night's Wallendar recently and so to bed well before ten to get up at seven-thirty. I was tired. Whatever quality the sleep (I did get up twice to hit the john), it lasted almost ten hours. Will that help? Will the day fly by without any thought of more sleep? I suspect not, but it starts the week on a note of hope.

Other than that they're saying a hot sunny day and following week in the offing. Seventies and eighties along the coast, who knows what they'll experience in the interior? We'll check the construction site for progress (pretty exciting around here with all this going on, let me tell you) and maybe wander over to the fenced area of the bird sanctuary with a long lens on the camera, see if we can't get closer to what subjects we may encounter.

Later. Still dead tired without being able to sleep and so a walk by the construction site to see what they were doing. All the planking seems in place, but they've evidently started digging a trench along the far wall this morning. What's that about?

Back to the apartment to attempt another nap without any luck. Maybe the body is just slowing down, the cells seeing the end of their reproductive life in the offing and this crap will be the norm until they stop. It all stops. Then again, although true, the cell thing, there's no reason to think it's imminent and feel down (as well as tired) about it, so let's see what the afternoon may hold. He said. Repeated.

A walk to the morning restaurant to sit outside at a table in the shade to have ice cream and a lemonade, taking the one or two obligatory pictures. For being quite hungry, ice cream and lemonade were still all that I could think to eat and even they were problematic. Sunny, almost too warm for just a t-shirt, they're saying higher temperatures tomorrow. I timed my leaving to match the arrival of the bus.

Home now, the news droning in the background. Guitar. Need to start on the guitar, but after a nap.

Evening. It finally occurred to me I hadn't checked the blood pressure. Tired without being able to sleep? A reading of ninety something over seventy-eight, the top number consistent with other periods where I've felt like this. So I've skipped the evening blood pressure med and I'll take another reading in the morning.

Pain in the butt. Nice to have lost weight, nice the required dosage of the meds keeps going down, but not so nice that I'm wandering off into the forest wondering where all the fog is coming from.

Or something like that.

Or something like that. Nothing on television, to bed early. We'll see if we can get to sleep and get up at the usual time, only conscious.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Lake Merritt bird sanctuary with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.