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May 19, 2014

Monday. I had seen the Wallendar last night and not all that long ago so immediately recognizing the beginning, but had no idea who'd done it or what path it might travel to find out. So to bed. Good. Asleep by ten.

Up with the alarm on an overcast morning, they're saying overcast through Thursday with some chance of thunder storms tomorrow. They didn't mention rain, but thunder. Perhaps it was too early and I missed the part about the rain. We'll see. Soon enough. The web weather site says a 10% chance of rain for all three days, but temperatures in the high sixties to low seventies. Good light for photography. Sounds OK. We can do this.

To breakfast and back, another pandorea picture. I need to go by the pharmacy and pick up two prescriptions, one a renewal, one for a smaller dose of the blood thinner meds. I skipped taking the blood thinner altogether Saturday, took the regular dose Sunday, will take the half dose today and then back on the regular dose tomorrow. We'll see how that all works out on Friday when I take another reading. Keeps us oddly engaged in some ways, this stuff.

Still, a bus later downtown, how to add on something that might result in one or two pictures? Are we too focused on but this one activity, possibly becoming, well, obsessed? Certainly not. A break for the better as far as I'm concerned.

Obsession certainly isn't leading you to perfection.

We are no longer amused with this conversation.

Later. A walk over to the construction site to see what they were up to for the coming week to find them piling up mounds of earth again, trucks arriving to remove it. They get it looking pretty good and then they dig up more dirt and it looks bad, the dump trucks arrive and it looks good again. I'm easily amused.

A bus downtown to find both prescriptions were ready and I can put any more pharmacy visits aside for a couple of more months. A walk to the City Center for a bun and coffee, a walk then through Justin Herman Plaza taking a couple of photographs. A visit to the music store to see what they had left in their “going out of business, get it while you can” sale. Nothing I needed, nothing I wanted. Two guitars have proven more than I can handle as it is.

I was passing this guy as he turned to face the wall take a leak. Didn't seem like the best idea for a young man to be doing on a late morning along Broadway so, not breaking stride, I raised the camera and pointed it in his general direction, just gestured at him and shot. He saw me and so I shook my head (now, now, naughty, naughty) with an ironic smile. I don't know if he knew I'd actually taken the picture, but he seemed amused and didn't blink. Probably not the best idea I've had in a while for taking an ill framed out of focus picture on the street.

A bus at Grand back to the apartment to goof off doing the usual stuff and to start on guitar. I have an eye examination scheduled for tomorrow morning (an overdue annual checkup) and then the guitar lesson in the afternoon. Two tasks together in one day: a stressful day coming up. (A sure sign we really are getting senile.)

Evening. Not much on television if you count nothing as not much. Such is life. Probably best just to leave it there. Here.

More guitar and more device driver installs on the main computer. I don't know if the guitar is getting any better, but the computer seems to be behaving with fewer hiccups. As a (now retired) techie we don't want to be embarrassed by a computer that suffers from hiccups. Bad for one's reputation. Worse yet for one's self image.

We are drifting.

We are thinking we should maybe get to bed early, maybe watch some Netflix, maybe.

The photo up top was taken at the Asian Heritage Street Celebration yesterday in San Francisco Sunday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.