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May 27, 2014

The Entire Season
Tuesday. To bed last night feeling a bit drained. Early to bed, though, but then to watch the first episode of a newly arrived on Netflix second season of Longmire on the tablet and so to sleep at a decent, but later hour than I'd been planning. Well, planning. We don't plan around here. Not that I've noticed.

Up with the alarm without effort on another sunny morning, off to breakfast with plenty of time to read the morning papers, back now to finish preparing the Carnaval photographs and get ready for my guitar lesson. I also read an article in the New Yorker last night on how busy and stressed everyone is in this new millennium.

You call a once a week guitar lesson stressful?

We work with what we're given.

Later. A quick walk over to the construction site to see what they were up to, a dump truck taking on a load at the entrance opposite my street, a cement pumper arriving as I walked by on Grand. OK, looks interesting, we'll see what's to follow.

Back then to work on photographs straight through to the time I needed to set out for the guitar lesson, getting in a quick fifteen minute warm up on the guitar before leaving. Fine, things are OK, feel pretty good: clear headed and all the rest of that good stuff.

Lunch at Genji's in the Rotunda building, waiting then for about fifteen minutes in Latham Square before heading into the building and downstairs to wait my turn. A good lesson from my standpoint, felt good even though the playing was ragged. Faster chord changes make for ragged, but we're getting closer as we play whatever song we're shredding in the lesson.

Back then to the apartment on the bus to sit down and finish the five Carnaval sections for artandlife. We'll let them sit for a few days before we look at them again, see how I feel when the head is clearer.

A walk then to the 7-11 look-alike to pick up an ice cream cone, taking what pictures I could over and through the construction site fence. My, my. Half the parking garage floor seems to be in place, I suspect they'll have it down by the end of the week. Exciting stuff. I wonder if anyone will scale the fence later after they've gone to carve their initials in the setting cement? Nah. Who'd do something like that?

Evening. Nothing on television, some time on the guitar, but retiring early to watch another episode from the new Longmire season on Netflix. I liked their first season, watched all of the episodes without too much bitching, but I'm wondering if they changed their approach to the characters in this second season, deciding to ramp up the odd off the wall subconscious driven behavior by the main characters. It can make for interesting theater, but it's tricky, takes a sure hand. Not sure how sure the hand that wrote and directed these. But I ramble. We've now watched the first two (or is it three?) episodes, I suspect we'll stay and watch the entire season.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade Sunday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.