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Here In Oakland

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May 14, 2017


Monday. I was tired early on last night and so lights out before nine to awaken at six-twenty to get up and get out the door to walk to breakfast at a quarter to seven. Right at the target time. Overcast, a single picture along the way, cool enough to cause the eyes to water, the nose just a bit. Still, not a bad walk on an overcast morning.

Had the single pork chop, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast because that's what I ordered. Closer to the one-fifty target on the scale this morning, over by less than two pounds, but we'll watch what we consume the rest of this day.

The usual pictures on the way home, the camera set at f 8 which, in looking at the them afterward on the computer, was too high and half the photographs were taken at one-thirtieth of a second, too slow not to cause blur with a telephoto lens. Funky little camera this Nikon 1.

Have no idea what's on the table for the rest of the day (other than watching what I eat).

Later. Still overcast at two in the afternoon. Took a nap for about an hour later in the morning and listened to the news out of Gaza. I know intellectually what people are going through, but reading about it in a paper or listening to it on radio or television doesn't make it real, doesn't hit you in the gut. A catastrophic earthquake here would be seen the same way by people who didn't have relatives or friends here on the ground similar to the way I'm seeing the tragedies reported overseas. An odd compartmentalization, an odd way to experience the world.

We'd all go crazy if we didn't compartmentalize, I'd think.

Yet it allows tragedies to continue longer than they otherwise might.

Maybe switch back to incoherent thoughts about old movies at this point.

Maybe another nap.

Later still. Put together a web section for HereInOakland for the March For Our Health demonstration and experienced trouble coding the HTML, trouble in the sense of being unable to figure out a series of steps I've done now many many times since I've had web sites. Fuzzy headed? Memory shot? Blinking instead of thinking? Well, we could go on, but if it's age, it was more frustrating than scary. Maybe I should think about that, particularly if it happens again..

You seem pretty much OK otherwise.

Took a bath, maybe that straightened me out.

You took the bath before you processed the web pages and photographs.

Ah. Well, yes.

Evening. A sharp jolt shook the building and, thinking it was the beginning of an earthquake with more to come, I headed for a safer spot. More didn't come. Checked the local NextDoor app and found a link to an ABC post that said there'd been a 3.6 earthquake two miles north of here. There was a few seconds there, though, when I thought it could easily have been the big one.

Maybe don't bring up earthquakes anymore in the mornings lest we bring one on in the late afternoons?

For the moment we'll just cool our jets and let it rest.

The San Francisco How Weird Street Festival taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.