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November 7, 2010

Guess We're Ready

Sunday. Much better. Awake at 5:40, after getting to bed early, a good night's sleep, clear headed this morning. Clear headed enough to compare it with yesterday's adventure and realize, although I wasn't feeling completely crappy, I wasn't feeling all that good. Such is life. Less absinthe, I'd think. In the future. Sake doesn't do that. No, really, it doesn't. Unless you drink too much. Of course.

But where are we going here? Not to the Veteran's Day parade later, not with this rain. Poor bastards. No choice on their part. If I were a true blue photographer (and a bit younger) I'd set out. I have the gear to make it happen, but even being a vet I don't have the fire. Or the gumption.

My guitar teacher has a benefit coming up later this afternoon at the Starry Plough, seven bands donating their time to raise money for the various operations and health concerns he's managed to accumulate at the tender age of forty-seven. I may go. I probably will go, why not? I've not heard any of the seven bands that are playing, including his, and it will have been a long day cooped up here by the time it starts.

Later. A drive over to the Starry Plough, the rain easing as I got there, crowded, but not that crowded. I stayed for two of the nine sets, my guitar instructor playing in the second set. Had a couple of Guinness, didn't seem to do me in. Headed home after about an hour, still not raining, too bad the Veterans couldn't have held off their parade until mid-afternoon, but so roll the dice.

A bit more guitar practice I think. I need to go through those chords. Can't think of what may be on television (Any chance of the third Sherlock Holmes episode, the new one set in present day London, Holmes portrayed as if he had a serious but in his case useful neurological problem?). Another week coming, the head screwed on reasonably straight. I guess we're ready, here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken of the entrance to a bar in the light industrial area just off Jack London Square last week with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.