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November 24, 2010

Cream and Chill

Wednesday. Cold this morning, not very many people on the street or at my morning café. I know people take the day before Thanksgiving off, particularly to travel, but I wasn't expecting so many. To bed last night at an early hour, up after six, to breakfast and the papers, home now at eight. Cold this morning, but the sky is clear and the sun is coming up. Going to be a good day today and Thanksgiving tomorrow before we have to worry about rain.

Off to my guitar lesson at ten and then a pulmonary doctor appointment at two. The lungs seem fine, occasionally a cough and a bit of congestion for a moment, but nothing I'd consider unusual had I never heard of or experienced an allergy. So we'll talk to the doctor today and see what's what.

Later. OK, progress with the guitar. My performances at my lessons aren't what they should be, too much fumbling and such, but progress was obviously made and I've gotten a couple of additional chords added to the list to learn. Adding more to the practice list makes you hustle to keep up and you go back and make sure you really have mastered the earlier chords so you won't get buried. Which is good. Keeps the pressure on. Important to keep the pressure on. We shall work more on the proper position of the hands and the fingers around the neck, something I've not mastered yet, and strum. The idea is to strum. And pick. And make noises that don't bring on too much discomfort. The making of music. It has rules.

Back to the apartment for a nap. I've been tired today, even with what I suspect was a decent night's sleep. We're an old guy now, we have to learn the old guy basics. A bus downtown to look around, see how devoid it might be of people, a walk about half the way back before catching a bus.

Nothing in the way of pictures; as suspected, not many people during a noon hour for a work; even, I thought, for a work day before Thanksgiving, but what got me to turn around and wrap it up was how cold it was, even in the sun. I hadn't dressed warmly enough. Where'd all this cold come from?

Later still. The doctor says we've made progress with the lungs, much better than they were in the last visit. The fact I'd cut back on the inhalers because of the side effects - had, in fact, been making a mistake in taking one of them - was not a problem. Good to be taking less of whatever it is they've prescribed and still be eliminating the congestion. Some adjustments to be made, come back in January to see if the changes have helped. Good. Another year done.

A second nap when I got back, picking up a pint of ice cream at the local store on the way. I'd had a not very large lunch downtown earlier and it didn't sit with me all that well, so I figured what the hell. It's a holiday, we'll have ice cream and chill.

The photograph was taken at Jack London Square with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens.