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November 5, 2012

Rather Liking This
Monday. Yesterday was a good day and this day seems to be starting well. Yes, the sun is out, the sky is clear, they're saying more eighty degree weather, but the head is clear and that's all that really counts. Maybe I can apply some of this clear headed weather here, change for better the direction of the writing. I'd say I've been swimming in place for these last several years, but that would be an insult to swimming in place.

Anyway, to bed early last night, up with the alarm (awakening just before the alarm) to head off to breakfast and back.

Later. Another decent walk, not unlike yesterday's walk, a walk by the lake before returning to catch a bus downtown to check out the chalk mural: yes, it had been removed and recently, I suspect, as some of the tiles appeared to still be wet from the scrubbing. Lots of security people around, maybe they were there to watch the removal? Can't see why there'd be a need, but what do I know? Maybe come earlier next time, and watch.

Anyway, a cup of coffee out in front of the bagel shop, a walk then through Old Oakland taking yesterday's route, but skipping the ice cream at the Asian Cultural Center. Not much innovation here, but then it's hard when you've done this a thousand times.

Anyway, waiting on a bus to take me home, I became a little ticked when it was over five minutes late (this is the first stop on the route and they start late more often than not). I say ticked, but I used it as an excuse to leave (just as the bus was sighted) and walk to the pharmacy to pick up a bottle of folic acid and then walk up Broadway in a good mood.

After being ticked off at the bus stop?

Oh, I was bluffing. I'd been going back and forth - do I want to walk some more around the area now that it's noon, or do I want to take the bus back home? - so this gave me an excuse, knowing, as I was doing it, I should have just kept on walking in the first place and passed by the stop.

Anyway, it's approaching two, I may go out and get some lunch, I may start on the guitar. I've been listening to the new Neil Young album. It's not the old Neil Young, but it's closer than some of the recent ones, has some wisps of the old angry guitar, perhaps because he's playing with Crazy Horse, with Young you never know.

Later still. A chicken sandwich picked up at the local burger place across the way for lunch and dinner, evening approaching. Guitar now while listening to the news. Need to get the guitar started, we do.

Evening. My goodness, I looked up Elementary on the web and discovered you can watch all the episodes online, which means I don't have to stay up late anymore on Thursday nights and can watch the two episodes I missed.

You're bitching every day about your Italian police procedurals after bitching every day about your Korean soaps and you don't even know you can watch these things online? How many years have you been doing this? Not the best recommendation for the clever fellow gold medal of the month I would think.

Well, we do our best. It is nice to stumble across these little surprises now and again, adds some spice to an otherwise bland diet.

Tomorrow is the election. I must admit I'm curious. I tell myself earlier elections have been just as important, although they didn't seem so much so back then. Am I getting wiser as I get older or all we all getting wiser now that we're seeing the results of earlier elections that were more important to our lives than we realized? Hard to say, but again, tomorrow will be interesting, but not as interesting as what may follow after, either way the nation cookie may crumble.

A good evening after a good afternoon, by the way. I'm rather liking this.

The photo up top was taken walking along Broadway approaching Grand yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.