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November 9, 2012

Porgy And Bess Wilderness
Friday. I did get in my guitar practice last night, came close to finishing the bedroom (we will finish it today, hey!) and stayed up to watch the hour long episode of Elementary that started at ten. More the fool I. This led to getting up an hour later than my target (no surprise) and showing up for breakfast well after seven. Such is life. Feed the meter, read the papers, take a picture of the gas price sign.

I'm not sure what it is about Elementary that attracts me. Yes, Lucy Liu, but is she enough to stay up late rather than delaying and watching it online? Well, probably. I don't like the over the top craziness they've used in creating Holmes - reminds me of House, cartoon brilliance at a terrible personal cost - but I do like the interplay between Holmes and the much more interesting Watson. The plot is cartoonish and only marginally believable, but I guess that's not overly fatal if the rest of it draws you in.

Anyway, home now, the guitar lesson coming up in another half hour, time to pack the guitar and face the music.

Later. Arrived, took some pictures and then some more pictures of the clouds after what was evidently a real rain storm last night. The lesson went well, though, played right on through. Rough, but decent, was my thought. Let's hope my teacher felt the same.

Drove by the supermarket on the way home to replenish many necessary now for a long time things, here now with the sun shining, the dark rain cloud clusters passing and a better day ahead. Afternoon ahead. At a minimum we'll do more with the bedroom. Clean up the top of the desk, for example, that sits in its new position in a corner and now blocks access to the wall where I was planning to hang those pictures I mention so often.

Later still. I walked across the way for a chicken sandwich at the local drive-in (they make a nice chicken sandwich when you're really hungry) ate it here at the desk and then tackled the top of that desk that now sits brooding in a corner of the bedroom. Two hours later it looks better. Much better. Still, things to finish before the transformation is complete, but I think this job is surprisingly close to being done.

One thing, though. A very dry mouth less than an hour after eating that sandwich. Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and bread? None of the other symptoms that have been heralded by a dry mouth were in evidence, no alligators or weasels in the walls. I did lie down for ten minutes to see if it would help, but it went away not long after, not sure what invited it to come, not sure what asked it to leave. Maybe do a web search later, today's answer to every little thing.

This journal is turning into the local hospital ward.

No, no. We understand the difference. At least when the mind is empty clear.

Evening. OK, I'd say a good day leading into a good evening, although I suspect I have a good chance of fucking it up later with that sake now sitting in the kitchen. It was on sale at the market so I bought a six pack of the single serving bottles and will undoubtedly get into two or three of them later. My body has been telling me throughout the afternoon that it isn't up for sake and so maybe we'll put it off to another day, but I'm also pretty sure I'll find a way to succumb. What the hell, we can always call it a needed experiment.

Nothing I want to watch is on at six again, so we'll see if we can't get in an hour with the guitar. A new song (Freddy King's Lonesome Whistle Blues) and a more complicated finger picking riff to learn, so the interest has been piqued. It's easy to get me going when my interest has been piqued.

I hear someone trying to sell himself a line of goods here.

Yeah, maybe a bit. But just a bit. The finger picking riff is nice and the chord changes for the Freddy King piece are fun, at least, too.

Well, silly me, that sake tastes just fine, thank you, I'm not sure what I was thinking believing the body might react against it earlier. A little buzzed, but not too much damage done. Listening to a Gershwin piece on the Arts Channel I ordered a couple of gargantuan Gershwin collections online from Amazon, one of the real dangers in getting a little spiffed.

I have many Gershwin l.p.'s from an earlier era, but the two CD collections I found look like they'll fill in the missing works and Gershwin was one of my very early and happy introductions into the world of music. Ah, well. Amazon. Sake. Online. But for the Gershwins.

To bed early I hope. I've managed time on the guitar, managed to consume three of the six small bottles of sake (which, as I mentioned, tasted quite a bit better than I'd imagined they would) and I'm looking forward to sleep. I am. Here in in the Porgy and Bess wilderness.

The photo up top was taken last week while walking with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.