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November 14, 2012

Sleep Stuff
Wednesday. To bed before ten last night, so up without particular effort with the alarm to head out for breakfast, dropping that broken lamp into a trash container out on the sidewalk in front of one of the stores on the way. Before driving back I photographed the ten cent drop in gas prices, the clouds and sky very nice behind the gas station sign (linked behind the gas price sign up left) and the one still struggling pandorea flower with what appears to be another cluster on its way to blooming later in the week. Productive morning, don't you think?

Home now (where did those clouds come from?) to see what's happening on the news blogs and post yesterday's entry thinking, well, maybe a brief nap before heading out for wherever. Brief nap. Well, brief. Means you can string them together if brief isn't what you really need, whatever sleep you may have gotten the night before.

You ran out of gas with that second paragraph. Best to stop, take the nap if you must, return with a full deck.

Later. Waiting at the stop on the downtown bus, thinking did I really want to go downtown? Yes? No? Don't know? Then came the bus and thus went I, off to the City Center to sit out in front of the bagel shop with a poppy seed bagel and coffee, cream cheese with the bagel, sugar with the coffee. For some reason I only use sugar with the coffee I drink in front of the bagel shop. Just do, don't know why.

So, after my exciting sitting at a table to watch the people wander along, I set out up Broadway, taking a picture or two of the pie shaped building at Telegraph, on then by the lake to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream cone and a small package of Skittles. My diet, as you may have observed, isn't something you'd want to advertise. Yes, a plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries earlier for breakfast, but that was breakfast and this was lunch. Dinner? We'll see.

My mentioning seeing clouds outside this morning was only a mention, when I set out later in the morning the sky (as you've seen from the photographs) was quite clear. A good day. That nap I did take earlier didn't last. I was listening to the PBS people preparing to cover the Presidential news conference, his first in eight months, and became depressed.

A good reason to get out the door and into the sun, listening to a group of pundits prepare you for a Presidential news conference, questions on the economy, questions on the sex lives of various well know military potentates: what did they do, when and to whom, for ill or for fun? Drives you right out the door camera in hand in seconds flat.

Enough of that.

Later still. We do doddle along through the afternoon. Some time lying down, some time working on old photo sessions, tuning the guitar (but not yet starting to practice), thinking of going out and picking up one of the small bottles of whiskey (no enthusiasm for that, fortunately), watching the day go dark at five in the afternoon. I think we're heading into winter too soon.

Evening. I skipped the Australian police procedural I've seen before that was on at six, but a new (French) one followed at seven, so more than enough time to play along on the guitar. To bed early, I would think, keep it up, see if we can't get into an easier routine of getting to bed early and getting up in half human form with the alarm, none of this cutting short on sleep crap stuff.

The photo up top was taken from out at a table while having lunch along Washington Street recently with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.