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November 20, 2012

Life Stumbles On
Tuesday. A mixed up morning. Slept in well past the alarm and got up at eight, which was too late to go to breakfast and still get to my haircut appointment downtown at ten, so, when I got up, I took a look at yesterday's entry and did what I could to get it in shape (my, my, what was I thinking?) before catching a bus downtown to go by the ATM and then on to the hair stylist's shop on a rainy but not raining while I was out in the middle of it morning.

OK, a mildly more complicated start than the usual start to a morning, feeling slow and tired and hungry, but functioning. After the haircut a walk by 14th and Broadway at the entrance to the plaza in front of the City Hall to see they'd scrubbed off the mural that had been started by the CHALKUPY group yesterday morning, security people in not in the picture just off to the side of the photograph and a cleanup crew finishing up visible at the right.

A cup of coffee and a cookie at the Rotunda building just beyond all this excitement to wait for my bus to arrive. A bus then on to the morning restaurant for breakfast and the papers, my waitress having saved my table all this while. Whew! And it's only eleven-thirty!

I did stick my head into the furniture store, I mentioned yesterday, and found a table lamp for the bedroom. A decent selection of furniture at prices that were quite a bit less than the prices I'd found on Amazon. Anyway, carried home a nice little lamp that integrates nicely into the bedroom, the lamp even came with a working LED light bulb. Whoop! Now something to store the extra sets of sheets and bedding and we're teetering at the edge of domestication.

One thing I noticed, an hour after eating breakfast, the dry mouth came back and the head filled with cement, so I took an hour to lie down and listen to the radio. We're making notes, we have a neurologist's appointment coming up, we'll mention this dry mouth and cement head business after eating one thing and another and hope for enlightenment. We will. Hopeless, but it gives idle hands a task.

Later. Better. The morning was in many ways a write-off, but the afternoon, at least the mid-afternoon, is looking better. Dark and overcast with patches of rain out there, so it's relatively dark inside so I've had the new lamp on in the bedroom. Nice. Nice glow, nice shadows. Looks like a bedroom.

Although I had a large breakfast late in the morning I was still hungry and went across the street to the local burger place and picked up a chicken sandwich to take home. I know I'm hungry when I go there, not because of anything it does to its food, but because I really have to be hungry to eat anything even partially deep fried these last several years. Still, feel better, no longer hungry, the television news playing in the background at the moment, thinking of picking up the guitar. We did our little self good yesterday, even better the day before, we'll see if we can't do more better starting right now.

Right now?

Well, maybe in an hour.

Evening. A Maigret I hadn't seen at six, so good. Watched that, played along with most of it, although that dry mouth wrecked head came into play again toward the end of the program and wilted the guitar. Made it hard to read the subtitles for a while there too, but I went to lie down on the bed for thirty minutes and the world came back together again. Which is good I guess. Not sure of the why or where, whatever why or where might mean here, but that's nothing new.

Not much of interest as the evening has progressed, so to bed before ten. We'll see how the guitar lesson goes tomorrow, maybe take a run by the supermarket and stock up for Thursday afterward. Life stumble on.

The photo up top was taken taken while walking along Lake Merritt in the morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.