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November 25, 2012

Night In Oakland
Sunday. I did rattle on yesterday. Quantity in my case doesn't lead to quality. Or coherence. Still, to bed after ten, up at six-thirty without the alarm on a fog shrouded morning, off to breakfast and then the supermarket and back, the weather people saying the fog will clear and we'll get up into the mid-sixties later. So, coherent journal entries aside, the days are nice, the sun always welcome.

I'm not sure if there's anything going on today. Something about a crafts fair at Jack London Square, but that could have been yesterday. We'll play it by ear, head downtown as we always head downtown maybe, get our walking in for the day, see if we have another one of those oh so interesting ocular migraine events to to add to the list and document. (Just kidding. Honest! Pay no attention! I'll be a good boy and not eat any of those ocular inducing obviously Un-American Wheaties.)

Later. The sun broke through the fog around noon, so up after a short lie down listening to the radio to head out the door and catch a bus downtown, just to catch a bus downtown, even though I knew little or nothing would be open. A walk through the City Center to shoot a picture or two of the progress on the tree, a walk then to the Asian Cultural Center for an ice cream cone. Not very inventive, but feeling pretty good.

Back then on a bus home thinking I'd make a sandwich for lunch and eat at the apartment, something a little different for the holidays maybe, or the fact I'd picked up sandwich makings at the supermarket this morning.

Along with more sake?

No sake, but two of the large bottles of Corona (they were on sale). We'll deviate from the norm this evening. Exciting stuff for an old retired duffer, I must admit, beer instead of sake but, as said, the sun is out, the air is comfortable and we're feeling good after yesterdays' disheveled dance with the demons.

You've been watching your diet?

The waffle with the fruit for breakfast, a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, cheese and later this evening alcohol, both on the “to be avoided” list. I'm in the mood to just say screw it and eat whatever, take the ocular incidents as they come and see how it goes for the while. My unreliable off the wall correlations with various foods don't seem to be helpful. We'll stop eating the noodle cups though, (especially since we threw the remaining ones in the trash yesterday).

And stop bitching about it?

What possible use then for a journal?

Evening. The Italian police procedural at six was a complete bust, one I've seen before and didn't need to see the first time, although one of the two large 24oz. bottles of Corona went down reasonably well. Not quite sake, of course, but hardly a thing to matter. Smooths the evening out, gets me to bed early given the absolute lack of any television worth watching. I know, I know, there are other channels available, movie channels, cable channels, but I guess we like to defend our precious little hopeless positions.

A decent time on the guitar, but still not enough. Getting along on the new finger picking exercise so no complaints, this night in Oakland (but added later in the morning after breakfast).

The photo up top was taken yesterday walking along Grand heading toward the theater with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.