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November 18, 2013

Would It Not?
Monday. I did check out the Italian detective thing that started at nine last night and decided I could pass. The acting a bit funky, the story line a bit too obvious (you knew with certainty the young detective who was due to be married that weekend was going to die when they set out to catch the thief) and I was tired. The “and I was tired and wanted to get up in decent shape this morning” was the deciding factor at least for public consumption.

Public consumption?

In this case I'm the public. Who knows the real reason? You become suspicious of your own stories as you grow older.

Off to breakfast and back, the sky overcast but with small signs of sun burning through, the start of a new week if that means anything. More likely I might take a trip downtown with people about so there's at least one difference.

Later. A brief walk over to the lake to check the fountain by the white columns taking one or two pictures to compare with the picture above. Now, is this common, out for repair and just something I've never noticed? Does it matter? Probably not. Nothing to be done about it other than taking a couple of photographs.

Later still. Still empty headed, still not motivated to do much, but a bus ride downtown to have a cup of coffee out at a table in the City Center and then a walk through Latham Square, up Telegraph and then over to Grand to finish the walk home. Some exercise, at least, although I don't think of it as exercise and don't push. Still, a couple of miles, worth a selfie pat on the head.

It's been overcast and quite cool if not quite cold so far today, the earlier walk out wearing a sweater over a long sleeved turtle neck mock (I think that's what they're called: cotton, not heavy), together enough to keep warm, although adding a light jacket wouldn't have hurt. Walking: generates heat.

Now to listen to the news, play guitar (a decent guitar day yesterday) and the rest of the day is done. I have things to do tomorrow that I've been putting off. Let's hope I follow through and I'm not just mouthing off.

Evening. Ran out of space just now on the newest external hard drive, a mirrored set of two with three mirrored terrabytes of storage, three safely mirrored terrabytes of photographs. How long has it been since I started filling this one? My third drive? I, of course, ordered a fourth. No way around it.

Scott & Bailey later at nine, nothing else I'm aware of on any of the other stations I'm willing to watch.

You could look their schedules up.

That would have been the old me who generally came to a game minimally prepared. The new me is taking it as it comes, no going out of my way to look things up (other than potential photo events). I should have prettied that up a bit, make it more presentable, suggest it's more Zen than sloth, but that would take preparation, would it not?

The photo up top was taken of a cormorant sitting on the now missing fountain head last week with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.