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November 24, 2013

Week Is Coming
Sunday. Heading out the apartment and descending on the elevator, reaching into my pocket I discovered I'd forgotten the car keys. I've changed my habit of always carrying the car keys, as they're a bit bulky when I'm not planning on using the car, taking a walk or a ride downtown an example.

So, on automatic pilot, preparing to leave at the usual hour (yes, we got up not long after the alarm feeling rested) I'd obviously without thinking, again on automatic, left the car keys on the dresser, although I was planning, as I almost always do, to drive.

On top of that I noticed I'd forgotten to pick up a camera. I'd taken both sun glasses and reading glasses from the set of shelves where I keep the cameras, but had forgotten to add the last element, another lapse in the routine.

OK, we've heard these stories before, I've obviously done this before, they're not all that common, but they're common enough, when in the past, I would rarely if ever forget such things. Well, sometimes the apartment keys, but again, only since I've been living here. Dear, oh, dear.

And so, back from breakfast in another routine task, copying yesterday's journal entry to a file with today's date, I noticed I'd missed renaming Friday's entry to Friday, posted and repeated Thursday twice. There are a number of changes required in preparing an entry for the next day, most of them deleting copy and incrementing numbers, a list of a half dozen or so changes that need to be made. I'd made all but that one.

And so?

And so we're noticing. Noticing on a morning where I, in looking through yesterday's entry, was wondering what in the hell I was writing about. Can any one day be called different in any way from the day before, other than some are smoother and work, in other words, while others are cluster fucks? Read poorly, don't carry the reader along without obstacles, rocks in the stream? And such?

And so, more often lately than not, we think of these things. Maybe do something completely different? Write something more descriptive, more a journalistic effort than the daily mind dump of a man who's adjusting to this change in life? Not sure I'm clear headed enough (or ambitious enough) to be up for that.

And so?

And so we shoot pictures and write numbing copy (instead of sparkling prose). We've descended into our numbing copy phase, best not to fret; just, you know, catch the changes in date, fix them when they're found and enjoy what we've been doing (or we wouldn't be doing it, being the slothful citizen that we are).

Later. And of course I almost forgot to hit the next stop buzzer as the bus approached my destination stop on Broadway, pressing it too late - what had I been thinking, dreaming? - but I was saved by the two people who were waiting at the stop to get on. Maybe it's just that sort of morning.

Anyway, a short walk to the ATM and then on down Broadway to the City Center - nothing open, no one other than security people hanging around - so on then to Old Oakland thinking of coffee and an almond biscotti, but the café I had in mind was full of people standing in line, so a continue on to the Asian Cultural Center for two scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone. Haven't done this in a while. So fine.

Finished the ice cream by the fountain watching the young kids being held back by their parents as they bent over the fountain looking at the carp (I think they're carp - decorative carp) and then walked on up Broadway through Latham Square taking a couple of pictures of the model as she and the similarly young woman photographer were preparing for a shoot. Not sure what they were up to exactly, but I applaud their ambition, whatever they were trying.

On then up Broadway, a bus then back home when I reached Grand, the bus every bit as late in arriving as this one can be. Not sure why as this is the beginning of the route and you'd think starting on time would be easy. Simple. Nothing seems to be easy or simple when it comes to public transit, at least here in Oakland.

Back now sitting here at the computer in the early afternoon. Feel pretty good, even if the short term memory has been acting up. You can lose one, but you can still win others.

Later still. Start with the guitar, futz with more pictures to play out a good afternoon. Spaghetti with red clam sauce for an early dinner. I suspect, as there's absolutely nothing on worth watching tonight, we'll make do with something other than television. Probably about time.

Evening. Enough for today, to sleep early, another week is coming.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 135mm f/2.0 DC Nikkor lens.