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November 26, 2013

Turn Down The Gas
Tuesday. I realized I'd seen the DCI Banks last night, didn't remember the story line or the outcome, but did remember I'd not been altogether happy with it the first time through. Tells you a lot about yourself, how you relate to characters in various shows.

I suspect an interesting psychological study could be made by noting the reactions any particular person has to a series of characters and outcomes. We are, after all, talking about ourselves when we (so confidently) make our judgments. N'est-ce pas??

Which means, quite fortunately, we got to bed not too late and had to sleep but half an hour past the alarm, up to breakfast and the papers, back to start the laundry, finish the living will and get ready for our guitar lesson later this afternoon. We did get in our practice last night, not as much as I'd have liked, but enough. Are we ready? Ready enough. Hup!

Later. Laundry done about eleven, all of it folded, hung and put away except for the socks, which will be folded up into little balls and put in the sock bin later. All this is good and was easily accomplished. The bed made with clean sheets and pillow cases. A gold star and a pat on the head. Now to the guitar to get ready for our lesson later. Yes. We can this, the deadline approaches.

Oh, and the external mirrored drive set arrived that I'd ordered some time back when I ran out of space at what turns out to have been some 17 months after running out of space on the last one. We'll let it sit until tomorrow as it's quite cold from its UPS journey, let it come up to room temperature before turning it on. Seems like a good idea after touching the metal and wondering how even or uneven the heat expansion might be as it comes up to speed.

A more than good reason for procrastination and delay, I'd say.

As would I.

Later still. A decent lesson. Uneven on my part, but progress. We'll do better on the same material next week. We will, he said, the next lesson seven days in the future, a lifetime around here in these parts.

I did think about the dry mouth, ocular-like symptoms I've been having in the early afternoons this morning and so made sure to have the dry waffle with sliced fruit and coffee. For some reason I wasn't all hungry and skipped lunch without a thought, although I suspect that will change come time.

And so?

Clear headed, not tired, no sign of anything looming. I suspect we're going to have plain waffles with sliced fruit and coffee more often for breakfast, interspersed with an occasional “experiment” with what's considered a standard American weekend breakfast: eggs with the various cured meat, everything fried. Me-oh-my-ed. Cereal during the week as a youngster, coffee when I was working, whatever with coworkers for lunch.

Evening. Nothing on television so a movie on Netflix. Hard to find anything to watch on Netflix unless you look hard and start two or three without finishing before you find one that works. That turns out to be tolerable. How many books are published that never really get read, how many movies that never should have been made? Time for bed now, I think, turn down the gas.

The photo up top was taken Sunday returning to the car from breakfast with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.