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November 29, 2013

We Will, Maybe
Friday. Of course I stayed up and watched Elementary last night, even though I realized almost immediately that I'd seen it before. A repeat for the holiday? And, of course, I couldn't really remember the details, recalling them as they unfolded so it wasn't exactly boring, just, you know, no real surprises. Ah, well.

Awake and up by seven to head off to breakfast and back, the sky clear, the sun up and streaming through the balcony windows after an hour or so of lying in bed and listening (rather fuzzily) to an NPR discussion of really depressing stuff about the economy and how the political system and the press have been subverted. Just the thing to lull you to sleep, don't you think?

A long and rambling entry yesterday that needed much more work this morning than I was willing (or able) to give it before posting. Too tired to follow through with it, maybe we can at least tighten this one up later today.

Later. Another nap and then a bus downtown to get off at the City Center, but stopping only briefly to take a snapshot of the Christmas tree being decorated (the lighting ceremony is scheduled for next Friday) and then walk on to Latham Square to see what they were doing. More people there setting up and getting ready for whatever they were planning later than people in attendance, but a picture or two before I crossed Broadway to catch a bus back home.

To take another nap. Just tired, fuzzy headed tired rather than psychedelic tired, which is good (or at least better). Maybe it's the weather, maybe we just we have to get used to it. They come, they go. Ho, ho.

Another walk a little later to the burger stop for a steak sandwich, discovering they'd forgotten to pick up the steak this morning, hesitating and then settling on the turkey burger. Sounds a bit odd, a turkey burger, but they're good (and filling). Time now for the news and the guitar. We did well yesterday, we'll see if we can't duplicate the session today. Hey.

Evening. There's a German mystery on at nine that I haven't seen, but it lasts for a good two hours and I'm tired. A little more time on the guitar and we'll get to bed before eight. Really. We will. Maybe.

The photo up top was taken yesterday on Grand near Lake Merritt with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.