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How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade

October 1st, 2003

Good About Now
So, I mailed my absentee ballot today, voting against the Recall and voting for Bustamante. Bustamante was at least elected to state wide office, although he seems to be an idiot. Huffington I liked, but she's never held office and I think it's important to have, you know, at least a couple of weeks experience. The rest of the field floats out there somewhere beyond the pale (light of reason). From what they're saying, next week Arnold Schwartzenegger may be elected governor of California. ("A Los Angeles Times poll released Wednesday showed 40 percent of voters supporting the former bodybuilder and 56 percent saying Davis should lose his job in the October 7 vote." - Sify News) I sit here without surprise, without comprehension, without a drink, but with, definitely with, a case of the ass. I can do something about the drink.

I'm going to look at Huffington's public financing initiative when it's available. If it seems OK I'm going to send the campaign some money. Public financing, no matter what it costs, can't be any worse than this current system of corporate ownership, certainly it will be less expensive. So there. My thoughts on the Recall. Still, what can happen with a Schwartzenegger? Remember Bush? The guy who's brother delivered Florida? What possible harm could he cause in four years?

It was reasonably cold today (cold here in California means you need to wear a light jacket). Just like that. One week it's ninety degrees and I'm sitting here complaining, the next week it's overcast and jacket weather (and I'm sitting here complaining). I wonder how you do something, really do something about all this complaining?

I mean that seriously. Round and round he goes, complaining of Michelangelo's. Complaining of work, health, weather and an apparent lack of day to day excitement. Even I am not so dense I don't notice. Would I read this if I weren't writing this? Maybe not. Well, let's be reasonable. Some guy out there without a prostate and vertigo like mine? How could I not? But how do I change, other than doing something radical like dropping the subject?

By dropping the subject.

The drink, I think, would be good about now.

The photograph was taken at the How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade.