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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
A front yard in Berkeley

October 7th, 2003

What Happened?
A reasonable day, certainly better than some I've had recently. Since I don't seem to have allergies, I've tossed the Flonase inhaler. A reader wrote to say her own vertigo symptoms had left her some months after she'd kicked the bottle. I've only been at it for a couple of months so it shouldn't take all that long to come down. No, it isn't the cause of the vertigo, I had it long before I started, but they say eliminating every little unneeded drug helps in putting off the hereafter. Life is complicated in the 20th Century.

Except it's the 21st Century. Has been for a while.

Picky, picky. A good day is a good day and my spirits are up. Take a good day as it comes and enjoy the evening, this being an election evening in California, the day we discover who's the governor and who's the goat. An actor? Have we collectively fallen asleep in the theater at a warm stuffy Sunday afternoon matinee, a collective hallucination brought on by a party hard Saturday night - Sunday morning, who was it who suggested we finish it out with whiskey and beer? Probably. I'd vote for that. Life as a collective daze, snoozing in blissed out pursuit of the American Dream, a half eaten supersize carton of popcorn at every fingertip.

It is seven in the evening and the feeling of everyone I've talked with today is Arnold is going to become the governor of California. His wife, a Kennedy, a news anchor (of some sort, I've never seen her on the air) the new state lady. How does that compute? I can understand how it can happen, but I was thinking the decline and fall of the American Dream would come compliments of someone else's generation. What happened?

The photograph was taken of a front yard in Berkeley at the start of the How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade.