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October 5, 2010

I Can
Tuesday. After a good night's sleep last night, up maybe ten or twenty minutes after six, I went to breakfast and the papers, returned home, looked at whatever email there was from Nigeria and then took an hour's nap. So I must not have gotten all that much sleep last night. Still sleepy as I write.

Progress finally on the Seagull screed. I received a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse from Amazon yesterday to replace the Logitech pair I've had now for some years (that have never reliably worked), fired them up without a hitch and wrote the first third of the article on the laptop. Let's see if we can make it two thirds later today. A total of sixteen hundred words is needed. More than manageable. I say the first third, but it's an unedited first third, it will take at least another full day and probably two days to bring it to final form. Nine days altogether? At the most, I'd think. I haven't edited anything properly in forever. Be interesting to see where it goes and how it turns out.

You really think you've gotten into it or is this just another of your hup! hup! hups?

I've gotten a decent start. I've made notes now and again over these last few months, so I'm not completely unprepared. Once I've gotten going I generally don't stop.

Kind of like your framing project.

Button your lip.

The main computer continues to limp. The Microsoft browser continues to be flaky, the machine often grinds down to a stop (or just freeze) after a few minutes when booted in the mornings and there's a web page that pops at odd times claiming it's the Channel 6, 7 or 9 News. If it was actually designed to sell me something it's a complete failure, it's irritating, loud and can only be closed by opening the Windows Task Manager and committing murder.

I think I was infected on Facebook. I can't believe it was on Facebook, but that's where I remember making the error of clicking on a button and it popped. Had it come up in any other context, I'd have totally ignored it, but I was new to Facebook at the time and, well, stupid. It was one of those free lunch kinds of pitches of a kind almost invariably evil. But I do go on with this as I've gone on in the past. That hard drive from B&H is due Thursday. I don't want to take the time and effort to install it, but I'm ready for a new clean operating system that actually operates so I suspect I will.

Later. A walk down the way to have lunch at the usual place. I was hungry, I should have had a larger breakfast. Feeling good, yes, the head relatively clear, but also in that kind of tingly scalp space that feels so good, not sleepy but on the edge of sleep. No desire to get in the car and roar across a bridge, clean the garage, repaint the kitchen. That laid back let the world go by feeling you get sometimes out of the blue, coming in its own time and on its own terms, so we'll let it and the day unravel. Write the next Seagull chapter, yes, this feeling won't last that long, but take it easy. I can do this. I can. Here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken of a female Black Crested Heron in Justin Herman Plaza with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF lens.