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October 14, 2010

Dear Oh Dear

Thursday. Up at ten. My, my. An evening with some cheese and crackers and a half bottle of sake, my two drink limit, before going to bed early. Still, early or not, up at ten. My, my. Back now from breakfast after noon, the day too warm, as all the days have been this last week, the fan looking up at me now from the floor, blowing air across my appreciative person. Another day, another dollar, no 24 - 120mm lens from B&H yet on the horizon yet after almost two months, but life stumbles along.

(Last minute note: B&H reports the lens has been received and my order sent to their shipping warehouse. Hurrah! You might have to be a photographer to understand this, how a particular as of yet unseen lens might get me so excited, but believe me, it got my attention.)

I was wrong to stop the allergy medications, too much coughing when I lie down, so I started them up again last night. We'll see if the tiredness comes back, if, in fact, this long night's sleep last night is an indication of same. Not likely this soon after, but I'm a neophyte. Who pretends to know their medications’ ups from downs anymore? “His eyes turned orange. He died.”

My run to Beverages & More last night for the sake, crackers and cheese was the end result of at least an hour of thinking I needed something to eat, maybe some sake, a back and forth, back and forth match between Safeway, the local convenience store and Beverages & More, B & M the longest distance to drive. Each with its different mix of options, two offering sake, one offering bourbon, all offering various forms of cheese and crackers, all requiring a car ride.

A nervous hour of get up, get ready to go out and then saying to hell with it, sitting down, getting rid of the getting ready to go out stuff - wallet, keys, jacket and such - up again to repeat the same routine. It was a formless jumpiness coupled with a half hearted need for food that eventually lead to Beverages & More. Sake, cheese and crackers, three of the things I'm to avoid if I don't want any more of these ocular migraines (which have disappeared, thank god, over this last long month). What's this about? If I knew, if we all knew, we'd be that much wiser. I'm not that much wiser.

Later. Too warm, too much humidity, blah, blah, blah. Where's this stuff coming from?

A walk down the way to have a lemonade and then an ice cream cone for lunch, the head sort of in place again, but the temperature not friendly. A bus from there downtown to check out a magazine store, then a bus immediately back to have an ice cream bar and pick up a cheese and crackers packet for dinner. I know, I know, it scares me too, my diet. Not always like this, but today is a comfort food day, something I hope doesn't last through the morrow.

So what to say? The summer doldrums in October? Again? We'll see. Evening ahead, half that bottle of sake still left sitting on the kitchen counter. Sit back in front of the fan, listen to more of these news programs. At least they're laying off the Chilean miners for the moment. No interest in listening to their most interesting and heart warming story over and over and over, thirty minutes at a crack taking over the entire news broadcast, day in and day out. Once, twice was enough. Then just updates please? Did they get out? Are they OK? Will their government tighten up their safety rules? And, if they actually do, does it take something like this to get us off our own butts to tighten them up here? Dear oh dear?

The photograph was taken at the Starry Plough with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF lens.