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October 23, 2010

That Far Out

Saturday. To bed last night at a decent hour, up around seven, to breakfast and the papers and back by nine. A good night's sleep. So why the two to three hour nap when I got home? I have no idea. I probably never will.

It was a cool and certainly overcast when I set out, taking the bus downtown, thinking to walk to the California Museum from the downtown 14th Street stop, but then noticing amplified voices and shouts coming from the area in front of City Hall. So, what the hell, the museum would be open for another four hours, best to check it out.

A big crowd, speakers, lots of press. An event being given by the I.L.W.U. was my guess, as the two speakers both identified themselves as members and there were signs around and about. Lots of talk of the Oscar Grant killing (the sentencing of the BART policeman who shot him is due to be announced on November 5th in Los Angeles and everyone is wondering what might happen here in the city if he should walk). Signs being held about the financial crisis, school layoffs, local police layoffs and most everything else. I've often wondered if pulling duty to police a “hold the police responsible” demonstration is any fun for a local cop. Never wanted to be a cop. Too much in your face stress day and night.

So, some pictures, have no idea what to do with them. One or two of interest, but most of them faces and signs in a crowd, not my usual bent. Again, lots of people, lots of enthusiasm. The reason I thought it put together by the I.L.W.U. is the size of the crowd. Hard for anyone else to get a turnout, particularly on what was looking to be a rainy afternoon. (Later I learned it was the dock workers both here and in San Francisco shutting both ports down for the day and assembling to protest the killing of Oscar Grant anticipating the soon to come sentencing in Los Angeles.)

The walk to the museum is short enough, but I wasn't expecting the crowd. This is evidently an annual Dias de los Muertos event and there was a large crowd and a twenty minute wait in line for a $9 senior ticket. OK, I'm not great with waiting in lines, but wait I did, and then took a quick walk through the Dias de los Muertos displays set up pretty much ad hoc on the spot surrounded by the usual ongoing exhibitions still of course in place. Lots of face painting. I like face painting. For pictures, anyway.

So, an hour in the museum, a walk then back through what was now a drizzling rain to the bus. I could still hear the crowd in front of City Hall going full tilt as I waited at the stop in the covered kiosk. Hardy folks, whoever they are. And, of course, the bus I was waiting for didn't come, so I waited an extra half hour for the next to come along with six to ten others, not a muttered word among them about it. Late, doesn't come, part of the pact (with the bus devils and the evil people who claim they will one day make them run). But what the hell. I'd wrapped the camera in the plastic bag I always carry in my back pocket. Works fine. Light weight. Easy to carry. We are into small and light weight and keeping our cameras dry.

Back now on another rainy late afternoon, the Fruitvale Dias de los Muertos scheduled for tomorrow. They say rain and I'm suspecting there will be more than enough from the forecast. Such is life when you take the bus in the big (little) city. No car today or tomorrow, still in the shop, but I was wondering, thinking, as I stood there waiting in the rain, why this over fondness of mine for public transportation? I do have a car. Most days. Here in Oakland.

Later still. I noticed someone saying they were watching the Giants - Phillies playoff game on Facebook, so I turned it on just as the pitcher was pitching his last out. One walk and then he caught the Phillies last chance to stay in the series swinging for an out. Good timing? Who knows? I'll watch some of the series I would think. I'm not that far gone, that far out.

The photograph was taken yesterday walking along Grand with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.