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October 25, 2010

Get Some Sleep

Monday. Up before eight. This not having a car and therefore no longer having to get to breakfast by six-thirty to have time to eat and read the papers before the parking meters start, has been allowing me a decent night's sleep. The walk is easy enough, goes quickly, it's the setting out that's the problem. Once I'm out the door, car left behind, the decision is done and there's no more waffling. Nice to drive, but this short term car in the body shop walk that's been adding to the sleep is nice. Still, with the car coming back today, I'll probably drive tomorrow. I'd bet. You'd bet.

Home now, the sun out and the air clear after the weekend rain, the cement and grass still wet in the early morning light. A picture or two as I was walking, trying to catch a different look at my by now oh so familiar neighborhood. Again, the morning light makes the day come alive, finding photographs in places you'd have skipped at a later hour. No news to a photographer, but it's nice to learn it again when you stick your nose out on an early morning. (Instead of observing inside a car, driving.)

Later. A bus downtown to sit out at a table in the City Center for ten minutes, deciding at the last moment to take another bus to Jack London Square to find they were repairing the tracks on Embarcadero at the entrance. Well, an opportunity to take a picture, good Karma.

A waffle cone at a table in front of Ben & Jerry's, we seem to do this often as not when we're in the area, a walk then through the Square itself taking a picture (how many times have I taken pictures now of Jack?), dark against the sunlit waterfront. Won't be my last I'd guess. Then a walk on by the another statue at one of the entrances to the old Barnes & Noble, now empty and out of business. Not a statue that warms my heart. But I took a picture anyway, maybe my second in the last ten years.

Now, now.

Since the Embarcadero was closed to traffic I walked through a section of the light industrial area just off Broadway and found a small building and a bar the looks of which I liked. Then, around the corner, a piece of graffiti I liked a lot. A project, I think, for the coming week, a walk through this area looking for funky old doorways, signs and buildings to photograph. A project I might actually pursue, in other words. Do this one and I might take up the Telegraph Avenue project I've been thinking about. For about a decade. At least.

They say the car now won't be ready until tomorrow. It's at the Honda dealer where they're checking out the passenger side air bag light. Seems it's alight. It's there “to clear the system.” Something like that. I knew, when I didn't get a call, it wasn't going to be ready later today and, late now in the afternoon, I'd just as soon pick it up tomorrow. I'm tired. Not muscle tired, just, I don't know, tired. Happens now and again. I suspect due to age. Best I continue to do my walking. I hate to think what tired would be like if I never got out of the apartment, drove everywhere, not a picture to take.

We're drifting here.

We are. The day is bright and clear after the rain and I'm thinking it would be nice to take another nap. Get ready for the evening when I can turn in and get some sleep.

The photograph was taken at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.