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October 27, 2010

Day After Tomorrow

Wednesday. This not having a car came home to roost this morning when I packed the guitar into its case and noticed how heavy the case and the guitar were together, wondering how it would be to carry it to breakfast and then up the hill for my first formal guitar lesson. Heavy, but not that heavy, it turned out. Awake at seven with the alarm, to breakfast with the guitar (questioning looks from the waitresses), a walk then to the lesson.

And how was the lesson? Good. Some pointers that I found useful, some music to practice; riffs, really, but stuff I'm familiar with. Chords to learn, an adjustment or two with the picking hand and how to hold it over the strings, an adjustment on how to hold the neck. Good. I'm committing to three months of lessons, an absolute minimum to give it a fair chance. Better a year at my stage and that's the goal I'll keep in mind.

So back now at eleven from this morning's travels and adventures. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow down the peninsula and I'll need my car. They said Friday, then Monday, then Tuesday and now Wednesday, today. I'm screwed if they say Thursday, screwed in the sense I'll have to rent a car. Or something. Background noise, all of this, no reason to let it get to you, keep it in the background in the sense of keep it in mind, but don't let it govern your day. Sounds good, anyway. Have no idea what it means.

Later. Ah, the doctor's appointment isn't until Friday. We'll see how the car goes later when they call. If they call.

The usual last minute where to walk, where to go conundrum, but I ended up at the bus stop as the bus arrived, so I rode downtown to catch a few minutes of the noon Wednesday concert in the City Center, a picture of the fellow sitting in front of me as I was interested in whatever he had plugged into his ear while he was listening to the music. Interesting group, three violins and two cellos, unless they weren't cellos. I suspect they were cellos. This one looks a bit big for a cello, though.

Another ride on the free bus to Jack London Square, the construction still underway on the railroad tracks in front of the entrance. Another waffle ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry's. I feel it's a tad expensive, their waffle cone special, but I don't seem to be able to avoid it. Another walk following yesterday's path through the Square, ending up taking more pictures of doorways and such in old industrial buildings. I say light industrial buildings, but they all seem to be produce warehouses containing boxes of avocados and potatoes and such. Whether that's light industrial or not I don't know.

A picture of two of this building on Broadway. There are others much like it I'd like to photograph and I'm seeing why you need a tripod and some thinking about how to approach it before you go in and shoot. How to crop, how to light, how to get it so it looks to be level. Quite a project if I ever decide to get around to it.

Sounds less likely after hearing you say that.

We have cameras, we shoot pictures. I figure anything beyond that is pure profit. Extra. More than anyone bargained for. But we'll see. It was fun walking along, one or two people giving me the eye, wondering what in the hell I was doing photographing what? Doorways? Could I be up to no good? Well, yes, but I'd think nothing to be concerned about. Then again you never know, not knowing the territory.

Walking through the Old Oakland area near Washington and 9th Street there were signs posted saying no parking from four in the afternoon to eight in the evening on October 25th, 26th and today, the 27th. The black banners were interesting enough along with fairly elaborate temporary lighting pointed up along the base of the buildings on the sidewalks. I finally figured they were shooting a scene from a movie or a television series or advertisement.

They'd also done a nice job with a dozen or so window displays along what I've assumed over these last several months is an empty commercial space in the building at the corner of Washington and 9th. I'd go back and see what it looked like on their last day in action if I had any gumption. Or a car. But I don't. And I won't. Still, interesting. I hope they keep the window displays. Even better, maybe they're not associated with whatever this thing is they're up to and they're real, the empty space in the building rented.

Another call to the body shop. The car is now due to be picked up from Honda tomorrow as they had to repair a seat belt buckle that was causing the error light problem. He said it was repaired under warranty, but with the car now six years old, I suspect it was a known defect of some kind and they repaired it gratis because they had to. So, the doctor's appointment down the peninsula seems safe, but I'll believe it when I get my hands on the car tomorrow.

The first game of the World Series starts in another thirty minutes. I think I'll practice my guitar as I watch, as I listen. The day has gone reasonably well, the upper palate has been a problem, but no ocular migraines, no coughing, the sinuses haven't done anything other than mind their own business. Which is good up to a certain point. Be nice to get the upper palate (the tingling lips and such) under control. We'll talk to (plead with) the medico about it day after tomorrow.

The photograph was taken of a bust of George Bush at the Cathedral Gallery in Oakland with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.