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October 8, 2013

Get A Head Start
Tuesday. To bed at ten after Scott & Bailey, up at nine this morning after having turned off the alarm when it sounded at six. I was tired.

What the hell: a walk to breakfast and back on a warm t-shirt morning eating what for me is a large breakfast and then adding a croissant/pastry thing when the waitress asked me if I were still hungry and would I like to try it? I guess I was because I did. So much for breakfast.

Back now at the apartment, the day essentially starting at noon. A break in the habit, a kink in the time line. Whatever that means. The guitar lesson at two-thirty, so we'll do a little warm up now and then let the fingers rest for an hour before heading out. I say that, won't do it, not really sure it makes any difference even if I did have that one time at that one lesson when I thought it made a difference.

You'll drive yourself nuts if you obsess over this stuff.

Who's obsessing? I'm babbling. The day is nice, the air is cool (and breathable) and I feel a nap approaching with a smile.

Later. Went right through the lesson, no problem with the chords other than occasionally with the speed. That D chord can still be mis-fingered if you're in a hurry. Still, a good lesson.

I've been hungry since late morning but haven't been able to settle on something I'm willing to go out and get to eat. The KFC parking lot was full when I passed by after the lesson, so I didn't stop. I can relate to their corn on the cob and mashed potatoes (without gravy) and get through some if not much of their chicken so I know I'm indeed hungry. We'll see. Something will happen before it gets dark.

The day has been slow, lying down a couple of times attempting a nap. After all those hours last night. Odd day, odd times, odd decade in the life. At least it shows you something new, now and again, even if it happens more often than you might otherwise like.

Later still. A walk over the way finally to get a chicken sandwich. All this time and fuss to settle on a chicken sandwich.

I was reading an article on global warming (what else?) and ran across this ten minute YouTube video done by a group called Last Hours. The video talks about temperature change and the effect similar past temperature changes have had, focusing on the five mass extinctions that have resulted in the death of over half the living species on the planet. Of the many articles I've read and videos I've watched, this one brought me up a bit short.

Basically they're saying these five mass extinctions were brought on or were at least coincident with rapid temperature increases of 6 degrees Celsius and allowed the vast stores of methane at the cold bottoms of the oceans and arctic tundra to bubble up into the atmosphere. Most current projections contemplate an increase (at the far up side) of five degrees by the end of this century. Six isn't all that far from five.

Now, of course, is a six degree increase over a short period of time enough, in and of itself, to release the methane and is the methane release enough to cause a catastrophic extinction? I'm guessing the methane release is enough to cause an extinction, an assumption that might not be correct, but still, we seem well on our way to finding out. Maybe I'll do a little more digging, actually read the recent UN IPCC report. Six degrees Centigrade/Celsius, ten point eight degrees Fahrenheit.

So: “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may fry?” Who knows? I be long gone before we know for sure (unless I'm not). It makes one think.

Difficult, don't you find, thinking at your age?

I'm thinking I'd like a drink.

Evening. Repeats on television again, so watched the rest of Democracy Now (on the politics of oil, seems there are issues there) and then glanced at that Monday/Tuesday night Korean soap for as long as I could take it before it drove me to more guitar, get a head start on next weeks debacle lesson (I said).

The photo up top was taken this afternoon at the Rockridge Out & About with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.