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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 8, 2017


Sunday. Lights out before ten to then awaken at five-thirty, turning on the radio finally to listen in bed while I let the clock click forward until a quarter after six to then get up and get ready to drive to breakfast. Except the papers hadn't come. Both delivery services failed to arrive until quarter after seven as I was standing outside the apartment house front door waiting when a car arrived. Obviously the delivery guy, except, instead of tossing the papers as he cruising by, he stopped altogether and sat looking up what I assume was my account on a clip board to see what papers he needed to leave.

OK, a new delivery person, that's why he's late, these things happen was the thought as I watched him get out of his car and open the back door to retrieve all three papers. Is the East Bay Times now delivered by the same outfit that delivers the Chronicle and the Times? All three together?

Didn't bother to take the papers out of their plastic bags, but took them with me in the car to the restaurant, arriving before seven-thirty. OK, take the papers out of the plastic bags to find sections missing (the Chronicle Sunday funnies for one) and others with duplicate sections inside. How had that have happened?

The deliveryman had volunteered that he'd be delivering the papers between seven and seven-thirty in the mornings from here on. I guess I'll be forced to get up later, something I've been threatening, but haven't had enough moxie to follow through and take the challenge.

The oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. I seem to have gone through the routine more quickly than usual, but what the hell, finished, took a picture on the sidewalk, because I've been taking that picture now forever, before driving home. Clear skies, they're saying a high of eighty, but we'll see. I have to go by an ATM, so we'll at least get some modest amount of walking in. Maybe even take more pictures.

Bite your tongue. You said you were giving up on this “I'm going to do” business and not look the idiot later when you crap out.

The ATM thing doesn't allow blowing it off if I want to have any cash to pay for breakfast tomorrow.

Later. A bus after twelve to the Broadway ATM, checking the return bus time and seeing I had more than enough to check out the apartment house fire site and see how it was progressing, the camera in the backpack. Looked at the site and decided there really wasn't much difference from the last visit and so left the camera in the backpack and walked rather than waiting on the bus to arrive.

Some shots of the Harrison Street road work at Grand and then on to take more pictures at the entrance to Children's Fairyland. How long have they been working on these two sites? When haven't they been digging up Grand between Broadway and over beyond my morning restaurant? They say Oakland (and the rest of the country) needs to upgrade its infrastructure. They don't seem behind on my stretch of Grand.

Home to watch the end of the 49'ers game where they lost it to a Cubs field goal in overtime. I occasionally watch football, but haven't followed it to any degree over any of these many years.

Evening. Watched the first of two Elementary episodes, bailing on the second to finish watching a couple of things on the tablet. Longer day, shorter evening.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.