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Solano Stroll, Berkeley

September 9th, 2002

Was I Hiding?
I touched base with a friend in the company today with whom I've shared some of the rumors going the rounds, he thinking, as did I, last Friday was quite possibly going to be our last day on the job. He, too, surprised that no one was let go, that nothing was announced, he too decided to use it as I am using it as an end point, any paychecks we receive from here on are found money and we'd better get aggressive getting our act together. No more rumors. No more speculation. Get our tails in gear and get. Amen. (In my own case, I'll believe it - getting off my duff - when I see it, although I've done things these last few days I've only talked about in the past, generally here, on and on, like an automaton. Hi, ho.)

There was an article in the Chronicle recently about a new government set ofSolano Stroll, Berkeley. recommendations for both how much daily exercise we should be getting and what is an acceptable weight for a given person's height. I wrote sometime back that I was planning on losing ten pounds by the tenth of this month and that I wouldn't mention it until tomorrow. Well, I lost six. That six pounds puts me down within the new guidelines for men who are 6 feet tall, but just. This makes forty pounds since I started well over a year ago, fifteen pounds since the end of last year. I was hoping forty would be enough, but I'm realizing now I need to lose another ten and maybe another ten after that. Jesus, sixty pounds. Chubby cheeks I will be a stranger in my own mirror. I let it get out of hand. I let the whole world get out of hand. Pounds were added while I wasn't watching. Why wasn't I watching?

Was I hiding?

The photographs were taken at the Berkeley Solano Stroll.