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San Francisco Journalcon
Berkeley Solano Stroll

September 29th, 2002

Left To Wear
OK, another How Berkeley Can You Be? parade in the shutter. My feet hurt and I am feeling ambivalent about shooting it again. This will pass, just as my thought of never shooting another wedding will pass. The Berkeley parade looked much as it did last year and the years prior with the same floats (mostly), the same costumes (mostly) filled by the same people (mostly) with a sprinkle of new faces. So your mind (my mind) goes dead and I stop recognizing shooting opportunities. And my feet hurt. Awwww.

I do hope the wedding photographs turn out. There were many opportunities to fuck up. The fourBerkeley Solano Stroll  hour dinner on the boat, the big windows looking out over the bright water gave an overly bright background in shooting the participants, how badly did it throw off my exposures? How well did I adjust? The shooting inside the church. I had to stay back out of the way and not use flash (some Catholic churches don't allow you to shoot inside at all), so I primarily used black and white pushing the film a stop. We shot group photographs in color after, but I shot them hand held instead of using a tripod. These are the photos I was dreading. This is where I needed a nice medium format camera, somewhat more exotic lights and an assistant.

There are so many traditional points for photographs, the bride and groom exiting the church, the tossing of the bride's bouquet to the single women, the garter over the shoulder to the single men. The bride was cool and had me inside shooting as the bride's maids helped her dress ("no big deal, I'm wearing a bra, get in here and shoot!"). She suggested, however, maybe she'd like to keep those particular negatives in hand.

One thing, it does force you to pay attention. Next time, if there is a next time, a tripod, some practice shots beforehand. I really don't think I want to do another one, I could see one of these turning ugly, but the opportunity to shoot the candids was hard to pass. The party on the yacht, once everybody was loose and accustomed the photographer, allowed some decent shooting. I think. I hope. I'll know next week. They'll know when they return.

Later. The laundry in the drier. Some days you remember you need to do the laundry and you can't, some days you remember you need to do the laundry and it's no big deal, some days you just have to cause there's nothing left to wear. Again.

The photographs were taken at the Berkeley Solano Stroll.