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September 5, 2010

Whatever It Is
Sunday. Another “interesting” evening. I'm not sure I need any more of these “interesting” evenings. We'll leave it at that, but I ended up going to bed early and awakening somewhat late, so a good night's sleep for all that.

Figured out how to create ringtones on the iPhone and associate them with individual names and numbers. There's a bunch of other stuff to learn, but they'll come with time. Using the video camera, the still camera, the iBook reader (I'm going to read books on an iPhone screen? When I start doing that you'll know my entire conception of myself has self destructed, which, according to the sages, can be good and/or bad.) But enough of this iPhone crap. I'll wait until they throw the switch and it can receive calls. Maybe post a picture when I figure out how to use the camera and the image editing software.

You haven't taken a picture with it yet?

Well, one, of the living room. I'm not sure why I haven't done more than that, what with all the time I spend with cameras. Something about me with that, but nothing I'll worry about. I want to know how to use the video camera. I never carry the little Flip video camera I got some time ago to learn if I liked to shoot video, but I figure I'll be carrying the iPhone so I'll be ready the next time I see a local policeman shoot a suspect and be able to record and post it to YouTube for posterity. The modern Oaklander, packing his pile of crap.

When are you going to get a little Bluetooth ear piece so you can jabber on as you're walking down the sidewalk?

When hell freezes over.

Later. I always arrive too early and I arrived at the Oakland Pride Street Fair here in Oakland just after it opened at noon. I talked with myself about it as I was sitting here in the apartment, go later, for god's sake, be sure there's a crowd. And there weren't all that many people at noon, true, but it filled rapidly and was packed before three when I left thinking I'd had enough. I was tired and there was a bus seat out there somewhere with my name on it. Well, it turns out there wasn't, but that was my fault. The buses came and came on time, unusual given their record this last month, but I ducked into a Subway for a tuna fish sandwich (and watched the bus go by through the window as I was finishing up) so I decided I'd walk the rest of the way, no reason to wait for the next.

Later still. OK, images examined and edited. How many do I have? Enough for another section on artandlife, yes, but enough for two? I do if I fill it out with some I like, but don't think quite good enough. Still, how stupid is that? I'll be embarrassed? I won't make sales? My photography business will fail? When I don't have a photography business and don't sell photographs? Why am I even thinking about this, just put the ones up you feel like putting up dimwit. OK?

Monday morning. I put two Oakland Pride sections up on artandlife this morning. Enjoyed working on them throughout the rest of the day, yesterday, got up feeling good about getting back to them and finishing the sections this morning. Good to get up in the mornings looking forward to whatever it is.

The photograph was taken at the Chinatown Street Fest with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.