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September 10, 2010

Into Another Weekend
Friday. Mr. E called later yesterday afternoon suggesting we get together with two of the usual crew for a beverage at Harrington's in the city. I thought about that, the last two times I've had alcohol were followed by ocular migraines. Still, the day was good, the attitude better and one must, after all, test these theories about alcohol's relationship with O.C.'s, must one not? So a drive downtown (finding an excellent parking place right next to a BART entrance), a train to the city and two (count 'em two) Guinness over the course of three hours. Home by nine-thirty, to be after ten. So far, so good. No indication the world is about to fall apart (for about an hour), but the day is young and we need to look at this further before making a judgement.

To breakfast at the usual place, back home to get the laptop and lug it over to the WiFi café just down the street, back now after posting yesterday's journal and checking my email. Complicated, but easy enough. My laptop was purchased with the idea of using it in a studio setting, downloading photographs as they're taken either over a wire or wirelessly, a good way to see real time what you're shooting, so the laptop is both quite large and quite heavy with an oversized high resolution screen. Not one you'd want to pack around while you're café hopping. But again, the café is just down the way, no complaints (except for, well, these).

More paperwork to clean up today, I think. I've been making progress, working on a pile here, working on a pile there; changing up the pace with an attack on the kitchen, arranging this, dusting that. Feels good, even it it seems to be going slowly. I understand, how can this be a big deal, worth even a mention, but I see it as a personal indicator of where the head is at and how life is going. Up, up, up! Hup! Hup! Hup!

Don't fall on your face, my bucko, or strain your lungs.

Later. A walk down to the ATM near the Grand Lake theater after which I sat down in a chair in the park across the street wondering what in the hell to do, then, where I might go that made any sense, the morning really nice, the temperature perfect. A bus was the decision back to the downtown all the while considering where to go or what I might find I'd eat, ending up out at a table in front of a Starbucks across from the federal buildings to test the iPhone (yes, there was an iPhone WiFi link as advertised, and yes, it worked) a bus then back to the apartment passing Bakesale Betty's at the corner of Broadway and Grand, no line stretching out in front (it was well before noon), but a decision finally to not get off at the stop and to continue on home. Where I decided to take a nap. A nice nap. The best idea yet.

This no Internet at the apartment sucks.

Ha! What have I been saying now for these last three miserable days! (Emphasis added. “Miserable” is an overstatement.)

Later still. A walk down to the morning restaurant for an iced tea and a walnut fudge brownie. I'm not sure a walnut fudge brownie is exactly what nutritionists recommend for a balanced meal, but that was what I came up with. And it was more balanced than most, I would think, as I found a few small pieces of walnut shell in it: “crunch”! I was happy to find out it was walnut shell and not pieces of my teeth.

A walk then back, ambling along, a picture of two, home now with public television news playing in the background. Some guitar, I think, listening to the news while playing tunes seems to work. Maybe another walk down to the WiFi café later this afternoon or early evening and maybe not, maybe post again tomorrow morning as has been my routine. Decisions to make, decisions to make, as we roll into another weekend.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Sistahs Steppin’ in Pride Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.