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September 16, 2010

Wouldn't You?
Thursday. Whatever energy I had yesterday afternoon continued well into the evening, continued with the clean up effort (hup! hup!), getting the bedroom in order, getting to bed at a decent hour and then getting up around eight. Which is good, I guess: all this “getting“. If you need the sleep, let the body get the sleep. To breakfast before nine, to the WiFi café after to upload yesterday's entry and check email and Facebook. Theoretically, that was the last time I'll have to upload from down the street.

I'm not sure how much business they do at the WiFi café. Most people seem to buy a cup of coffee, maybe a pastry of some kind, and then camp out for hours huddled over their laptops. Which is fine, they've certainly saved my ass over this last week. This last ten days without the Internet (bow toward DARPA, the origin of same). I'm just not sure how a few cups of coffee, a few pastries and the occasional sandwich make for a viable business. Maybe I feel a little guilty in some strange way, the morning people recognizing me now when I come in and remembering what I usually order. Where'd he go? Well, back to his now wired again apartment.

So, another day to see what the energy goes into, if the energy is still there (and it does appear to be, deedle-dee-dee). I have much that can be done and no confidence I'll actually do any of it, but I've been surprised before, over just these last two days, actually, maybe I'll be surprised anew.

Later. I often look at the picture counter on the camera when I return after a walk to see how many pictures I may have taken, if I took any pictures at all; not uncommonly forgetting not only how many but whether or not I even used the camera. As I did just now drawing a blank looking at the counter. The product of getting to a certain age? Well, I suppose. A standard reaction anymore. Today, as mentioned, I took a look at the counter: eight pictures total. What in the hell had I taken eight pictures of in these last two hours? A certain level of excitement, I guess, in finding out. Nothing but adventures here in Oakland.

Then again, then again. I posted a sign in the lobby yesterday asking if anyone wanted my MultiSynch monitor, an old graphics model CRT. Quite nice and quite expensive in its time, the professional graphics aspect of most interest to me. No one wanted it, of course. Don't blame them. I'll drop it by the computer store down the street. They sell these old CRT monitors, although I suspect they don't pay much if anything for them. I suspect I'll be able to do a deal so they take the monitor and a small HP printer I've had gathering dust for some years off my hands, otherwise charging five dollars apiece for the service. Just in case I'll check eBay to see if anyone still buys graphics model MultiSynchs, if only to negotiate, but otherwise, by end of day tomorrow, the both of them should be gone.

That's the sum total of energy I've expended so far on getting the place in gear, but then I'm only a little bit pooped after the walk and there's still an afternoon and evening ahead, maybe there's yet energy and ambition in reserve. The AT&T people are due to arrive in the morning. Let's hope they do in fact arrive. I've gotten quite tired of this no Internet business.

Later still. The large pile of bank statements, bills and receipts; insurance documents, doctor's bills and various seemingly necessary pieces of appear have been re-ordered, placed in folders and put away in a filing cabinet. My, my. I'm surprised. And exhausted. The head has been funky all day and if I'd had anything to drink last night I'd probably be blaming it on the alcohol instead of the hour and the day and the life. But I didn't and I can't. So (this logic is going somewhere) something to relax me later this evening? After what I've been through? Filing? No pile of papers next to the big printer? Wouldn't you?

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.