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September 5, 2013

The Morning After
Thursday. I did get to bed before nine, don't recall it took all that long to get to sleep, up after turning off the alarm at six-thirty and running a little late if I was going to read the papers without having to feed the meters. So I guess we needed the sleep.

Home to finish out yesterday's entry and then to bed for well over an hour. Just tired, none of the other symptoms. I mentioned eating that hamburger yesterday without a thought in my head for consequences. Well, yes, there were symptoms later in the afternoon into the very early evening. Nothing terrible and they soon passed, but another reason to skip meat that's cooked with seasonings. If we're smart enough to remember or pay attention.

Anyway, up then at noon to walk over to the lake and then on to the morning café for lunch, breakfast having been a waffle and coffee. They were out of bananas and strawberries this morning, so some butter and syrup instead. Seems about right every now and then for butter and syrup. Haven't had any butter in the house now for years.

So it's afternoon and we're only now ready to face the day. The goose population at the lake has been reduced from hundreds to a couple of dozen, at least at our end of the lake. They were dawdling in the shade as I walked by, the lake now to themselves.

A Snowy egret was fishing beside the white columned pergola. I haven't seen one fishing with just the tip of its beak under the water and wondered if this was common and I was just noticing it. I could see one day (but not today) setting out to learn something about the real inhabitants of this estuary/lake, a world of which I'm blissfully unfamiliar.

So, just like that, a morning is done and we're sort of awake, feeling pretty good (the sinuses have been behaving) and the moon mood is rising. Maybe some guitar, I've seen enough outdoors for the while.

Later. Slow this afternoon, but comfortable. Another nap, no thought to go out again. Naps and no great surges of ambition. Success in some ways if you think about it from the right perspective.

Evening. Another female detective series starting this evening at six set on an island in Brittany, the lead character extremely attractive and always dressed to give emphasis, but without acting chops in a not very believable story (sounds familiar, does it not?) and so we concentrated on the guitar, switched back and forth with the Korean soap (still impossible to fathom) and made it all the way to nine o'clock before flaking out and going to bed.

And that's it?

And, more to the point, it's just the right excitement around here for a Thursday night in September.

You're being snarky?

Not really. I'm the one who's watching unwatchable foreign detective programs on television in the evenings and blathering on about it in an online journal. Better than many alternatives (he said, straight faced, looking at it from a little distance the morning after).

The photo up top was taken from Latham Square with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.