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September 7, 2013

A Little Luck
Saturday. I didn't do any reading last night other than to leaf through some recent magazines. For someone who doesn't read I subscribe to a lot of magazines, always have. Photography magazines, yes, more of those than necessary, but many others as well, a habit born in childhood.

To bed early, to sleep about the usual time, up with the alarm, those first few minutes a little slow, but then the day kicked in and I was off and running. Walking. Well driving. To breakfast. A picture taken from my usual table. Seems a bit dark and perhaps even claustrophobic, but it isn't. Really. Lots of space to read the papers.

The sky clear, the weather people warning of another hot day - please don't drive or breathe the “air” - back now feeling pretty good. We'll see where this leads us (often to nowhere).

Maybe a trip to buy those clothes hangers at Bed, Bath & Beyonce (I know, dumb joke). I've ordered a number of new shirts to replace the half dozen cotton/denim whatever they are shirts I've been wearing now forever. They've long ago gotten faded and frayed, replacing them with nicer shirts in different colors so people won't think I'm wearing the same one shirt every day. The new ones are nice. We may buy more (and do need additional B, B & B plastic coat hangers).

Later. It is indeed warm out there and it's going to get warmer, they're saying ninety degrees and eighty percent humidity. Chump change in other parts of the world (starting inland just east of here), but we'll mumble along here at the end of the rainbow.

A walk over to the lake with the long lens, a picture or two as I was able to find them. Boats on the water, a gull after a mussel, more boats and rowers. Life forms on Lake Merritt.

The Brazil dance/exercise group was working out as usual at the white columned pergola. The earlier (and the cooler) the better for this kind of work. Or play. Something to photograph when you're carrying a camera.

Home now in front of the fan close to noon. Feel OK, but not looking forward to going out again. Too warm this morning even in a t-shirt.

Those people east of here are wrinkling their collective noses about now.

As well they should. If I were they I'd be sticking my tongue out and wasn't worried about bringing on heat stroke through dehydration.

Stop. Just stop.

Later still. Another slow afternoon taking a walk finally over to the morning café for lunch as the farmers market was shutting down. Grilled cheese, ice cream and lemonade. I wasn't really all that hungry at two in the afternoon but I needed to heed the chorus of voices urging me outside. Not all that intelligible, these voices, but their meaning was clear.

They're saying the high has been ninety-four today, let's hope there's something cool coming in off the ocean soon.

Evening. Another kind of off the wall Swedish detective thing with an odd beginning that started at six. The detective hero, if he is the detective hero, acting strangely in the first scenes and seemingly on his way to marital discord. A common theme, marital discord, particularly in police dramas. But we'll see. Another chapter will tell us more next Saturday.

Nothing I could find at eight and then at nine, so we'll get to bed early. The Solano Stroll tomorrow at ten and I'll drive straight from breakfast and arrive before nine. Lots of pictures last year, we'll see if we can do it again. We may, with a little luck and nothing too damaging for breakfast.

The photo up top was taken at Latham Square with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.