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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 7, 2018


Friday. Ended up awakening at six-thirty after a decent night's sleep. Probably a better time to awaken as I didn't have to worry I was setting out too early and arrive before the restaurant was open and so a leisurely walk on an overcast morning to breakfast, things well underway when I arrived at ten minutes after seven.

The plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast to finish up at a quarter to nine and set off for home taking but three pictures. Even keeping it to three I still took one with scooters sitting under the 580 overpass, probably left by students heading to the Lakeview school and leaving them by its entrance.

Later. Not tired in the sense of some of these last days, but all the ambition of a snail. Not sure why snails might be faulted for a lack of ambition, but that's what came out and so that's how we feel. Won't photograph tomorrow's Climate March in San Francisco if I'm still feeling like this as the lack of ambition comes with the somewhat now usual concern for traveling any distance with (or without) a camera. None of it rational, but none the less compelling. Controlling.

Ah, well.

Ah, well. I did wander over to the construction site down the way for a picture. No changes in its exterior progress that I could perceive.

Evening. More of the same, trying this and that on the tablet, one or two things on television, although Friday evenings are a desert from my standpoint. Such is life. The blood pressure 125/76 at eight-thirty and so nothing there to fret too much about and so I guess it's to bed and we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

At the 2016 Oakland Chinatown StreetFest taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.