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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 10, 2018


Monday. Awake finally at six-thirty, the blood pressure 100/77. A little late, but up on another clear morning and out the door to arrive at the open restaurant at seven. So good.

The oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast as the weight was over by more than a pound this morning, finishing up at eight-thirty. Heading out the door to notice the color of one of the Lime scooters had been, um, adjusted by a patron and then another obviously broken, wondering how much of this goes on. Otherwise a decent walk under another bright sun, more scooters by the lake and so another picture.

We'll get to the Oakland Pride pictures today. I think. Not much on the schedule other than more walking. I've gotten quite good at bailing when it comes to ‘more walking’.

Later. Went through the Oakland Pride pictures in more detail. I don't have near enough for a twenty-one picture section. Better that I'd carried a camera with the 24-120mm lens for better framing in that environment. Either that or managed the larger 70-200mm lens better. Too heavy? Too bulky? A first if that's the case.

A bus in the early afternoon to the ATM on Broadway, a walk to the bus stop to wait for about three minutes and decide to walk over to the construction sites and take the usual series of pictures.

If we're going to walk, better to start right now and so I did, picking up a grilled chicken sandwich on the way home. Tired when I arrived, best to not kid our little self we're in shape enough to walk a distance, at least try to get it together if we're ever going to set out and take pictures again for more than a short fumbling hour.

Try is not the same thing as doing.

Evening. Finished up watching a series on the tablet, getting up to discover the head was acting weird, logging into the computer to sit there wondering where I was and what it was I was doing? What have I logged into, what am I here for, what are all these icons? An ocular incident, in other words, but one that had started,but didn't quite follow through. Most of it passed within about ten minutes. Or thirty minutes. Or....

Time to go bed after even a lightweight brush with an ocular migraine, but checked out the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries at seven - skipped it - checked in at eight with Father Brown - what was I thinking? - and then went straight to bed. Bed was the ticket.

Yesterday at the Oakland Gay Pride Street Festival taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.