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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 8, 2019


Sunday. Lights out and radio off somewhat later last night just after ten to awaken again at five, then blink and awaken for good at six. Got up to take (what else?) the blood pressure, coming in this time at 126/71. OK. Better than last night's 155 head's up.

A drive to breakfast, arriving ten minutes before seven, the restaurant dark but for the light coming from the kitchen in the back and so entered through the dining area door, turned on the lights and settled in with the papers. Ordered the Eggs Benedict, country potatoes, fruit up and coffee for breakfast, finishing up by nine to head out the door and drive home, no thought to go by the supermarket. Again.

OK, feel reasonably good, not sure how that will translate to heading out to photograph the Oakland Pride Festival later, but took the blood pressure - 126/71 - when I arrived, took it again later at nine-ten: 118/92. Ninety-two? Is my blood pressure meter making some of these up? I've owned it for a while.

Another reading at ten-thirty when this was finished: 98/67. Followed by another two minutes later: 112/61. Need to have my meter checked.

Later. My, my. Out the door and caught the bus to 12th and Broadway just before noon to arrive as the parade was starting. I'd been thinking it started earlier and I'd miss it altogether, my usual routine with this event. A number of pictures of the parade, almost all of them crap, but a few in the festival that turned out. Maybe an hour and a half of walking/shooting in the sun, holding up reasonably well for a change. We'll say this was a good sign.

Evening. Maybe enough decent (close to decent) photographs for a web section. I should have spent the time photographing at the festival and not at the parade, but still, pleased with the outcome. Sometimes luck plays a part. Well, luck always has its place at the table in this game.

To bed by eight, lights out and radio off by nine, having taken another blood pressure med at seven-forty when the blood pressure came in at 146/77. It had been 109/63 at two-thirty. I suspect this dance will go on for some time.

The photo up top was taken yesterday afternoon at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.