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  December 2009 Archive

Dec    1st - To The Apartment
Dec   2nd - Striving For Irony
Dec    3rd - Tell Us More
Dec    4th - A Little Guinness
Dec    5th - I Will
Dec    6th - I Get Older
Dec    7th - Does The Trick
Dec    8th - The Grey T-shirts
Dec    9th - Talking Politics
Dec  10th - I Could Go
Dec  11th - Mr. Automatic Man
Dec  12th - Starting Now
Dec  13th - My Late Twenties
Dec  14th - Good Evening Coming
Dec  15th - Now Doesn't It?
Dec  16th - I Would Think
Dec  17th - A Little Scattered
Dec  18th - They Fit
Dec  19th - A Saturday Anyway
Dec  20th - There In Everywhere
Dec  21st - In Crescent City
Dec 22nd - Have A Clue
Dec  23rd - South of Portland
Dec  24th - Into Another Decade
Dec  25th - And A Smile
Dec  26th - Seem To Remember
Dec  27th - Here In Seattle
Dec  28th - Of An Idiot
Dec  29th - Such As I
Dec  30th - The Envelope
Dec  31st - My Old Habits

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