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  January 2009 Archive

Jan  31st - Just After Ten
Jan  30th - News Hour Nap
Jan  29th - Dinner Is Finished
Jan  28th - To Be True
Jan  26th - Korean Soap
Jan  25th - A Chinese Restaurant
Jan  24th - Exciting Saturday
Jan  23rd - Instead of Toast
Jan 22nd - Such Is Life
Jan  21st - Be Here Again
Jan  20th - An Idiot Here
Jan  19th - Such A Thing
Jan  18th - Given The Choice
Jan  17th - Appreciate It
Jan  16th - His Own Juices
Jan  15th - Do My Homework
Jan  14th - Try It Out
Jan  13th - More Cheerful
Jan  12th - Summer
Jan  11th - That Sandwich
Jan  10th - To A Minimum
Jan    9th - I'm Allowed
Jan    8th - Truth In It
Jan    7th - Hiding Inside
Jan    6th - Of The Book
Jan    5th - Am I Thinking?
Jan    4th - Reading Horoscopes
Jan    3rd - These Cameras
Jan   2nd - Their Old Tricks
Jan    1st - Wherever You Are

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