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  July 2009 Archive

Jul   31st - They May Be
Jul   30th - Here In Dunsmuir
Jul   29th - Old Duff Here
Jul   27th - Boy Howdy
Jul   26th - But, You Know
Jul   25th - I Know
Jul   24th - Tinker With
Jul   23rd - Getting Stranger
Jul  22nd - Anything Anymore
Jul   21st - Everything I Get
Jul   20th - One's Evolution
Jul   19th - Sorry About That
Jul   18th - Forget All Three
Jul   17th - Diddle-dee-dum
Jul   16th - You Were Reading
Jul   15th - Break and Enter
Jul   14th - Figured Out
Jul   13th - Proven Empty
Jul   12th - This Far Along
Jul   11th - Running Around
Jul   10th - I Often Forget
Jul     9th - Given My History
Jul     8th - In The Morning
Jul     7th - It Turns Out
Jul     6th - Somewhat Sobering
Jul     5th - Writing So Much
Jul     4th - Day Almost Done
Jul     3rd - As I'd Like
Jul    2nd - For The Ride
Jul     1st - Just Kidding

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