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San Francisco 2009 Carnaval Parade.

Under here.

June 6, 2009

Muffled Laughter
Friday. The afternoon game in Sacramento on Tuesday is not an afternoon game. There are no afternoon games. There's an afternoon game in Oakland Thursday, maybe we'll see about that. The big leagues versus triple-A. Slick versus funk. Doesn't have the train trip we were looking forward to, this slick versus funk. My error. Not sure why I made the mistake.

I talked about drinking some sake Monday night and experiencing a brief, almost hallucinogenic, period that required about an hour's nap to go away. No sake last night but a similar feeling came along that, if I'd had some sake, might have had a similar effect. A half hour lying down, another half hour taking it easy in the living room watching television cleared it up. Nothing too extreme, but something, none the less. So maybe I call the neurologist my doctor recommended and talk about it. Well, more like think about talking to the neurologist unless it happens again, but I have this thought maybe it will happen again. No problem if it remains no more than what it was, but you never know now, do you anymore?

Saturday. A walk to breakfast at nine, sleeping in a couple of hours later than usual, something I could easily get in the habit of doing if I lived in a sensible universe. A slight bit of vertigo walking, something from last night? Who knows? Let say not. Lets say this is just another Saturday, revving up our engines. An interesting little creatures affixed to a car photo on the way walking this morning. A good omen, I'm thinkin’.

You're thinkin’?

I hide it well, do I not?

Still a good day ahead, as far as I can tell. The weather report says cloudy and there are some rain looking grey clouds up there around the edges, but nothing to keep me inside. A photo crew shooting something or other across the lake as I was walking back, it was too far in the distance to see, half a dozen of them with a view camera, two people hand holding light reflectors, too many of them I thought to be a commercial shoot. At least my guess was students with so many of them around. Doesn't matter. Rude to get closer, ruder still to try to take a picture on their set, so I picked up my camera and headed home. Another good omen. I remember the good omens, don't pay any attention to “the bad”.

What would be a “bad” omen?

Don't know. I pay no attention.

Later. An after thought seeing the price of gas went up four cents a gallon this morning. At our old consumption rates in California, prior to the credit melt down, four cents would have meant an additional one million six hundred thousand dollars a day added to our gasoline bill. It's probably lower than that now with the recession, but still, it's well over a million dollar a day increase in the cost of California gas. Is that worth paying attention to by the oil companies? I would think. Not just another reason, but most likely the only reason they spend so much money on political contributions and PR (the Chevron ads on public television turn my stomach). It seems to pay off quite well for them here in California. A million a day and after a while you're talking about money.

Ya gotta stop that, you know.

I know, I know.

Later still. Tired, but a good tired, I guess. A long walk around Chinatown for maybe forty five minutes, the back aching when I got back, the head reasonably clear, none of the slight vertigo I mentioned this morning, the t-shirt wet as I sit with Ms. Emmy on my lap at two in the afternoon. The sun is out, the clouds gone, room enough left in the day to do something more (he said to the sound of muffled laughter in the background). Now, now! I was thinking a nap before I retired.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/125 second, f 2.8, ISO 200.