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San Francisco 2009 Carnaval Parade.

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June 11, 2009

Life Does Go On
Thursday. Slept in late again, getting up after eight. The upper palate-sinus thing is definitely there, but seemingly better than it was yesterday. I go on and on about it and it does get in the way, but for now it's a background distraction and I'm looking forward to getting outside after noon for a walk under what have been very cloudy skies. The morning is shot, I've had breakfast, I've read the papers, I've watched my one lone lame Korean soap, the day looks good. Why not?

Later. A run downtown with some walking involved, but not enough to say I've gotten in my walking for the day, a visit to an ATM, the head relatively clear with the sinus-upper palate thing in the background. The sky is still overcast as it was yesterday, but maybe some sun later on as the afternoon progresses. Maybe a run by the local Sew & Vac shop, check out some spot removers. Yes, I've had this urge now for the last week, see what I can do to bring the carpets back to some semblance of carpet-hood. Exotic stuff, maybe, going on here in Oakland.

I received my copy of Photo Techniques in the mail today, buying and downloading a program called Portrait Professional that was reviewed in the issue. This is after a first pass without really playing with any of the included tools. Some of my subjects have asked if I couldn't, you know, get rid of the wrinkles (you know). So, well, maybe in the future. Now I just have to learn how to use it. The plastic me on the right isn't warming my soul, but a little more subtlety around the edges and who knows?

Later still. Two or so hours at Roy's, three or four Guinness and a hot dog later, the plan now to take in the game in Sacramento on Sunday and to have lunch in San Francisco tomorrow. All kinds of stuff going on now with the weekend approaching, a festival of some kind to photograph on Saturday, a baseball game on Sunday and wherever it is we're to meet up tomorrow. Life does go on, it seems, here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/800 second, f 2.8, ISO 200.