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Lunch yesterday in Oakland.

Under here.

June 27, 2009

This Webcam Crap
Saturday. OK, this is good. The day is starting well. I set the alarm last night for six thinking I'd like to get to breakfast before the meters started running as I was, well, hungry and figured I'd be every bit as hungry this morning and something more substantial than a dish of fruit and a waffle would be in order. So the alarm went off and I got up and that was good so I went to breakfast and indeed had a larger than is my habit meal although I left half of it on the plate, this being an American breakfast place where excess is the norm, but still, really, the morning is up and I'm running. If it were Sunday and I was now heading out to shoot the Gay Pride Parade, well, I'd be in good fettle and ready for adventure. Let's hope it holds until tomorrow. Maybe this much diminished cold and sour stomach and everything are ready to take their place in first half of the year history, no need to refer to it (them) in the future.

I did crap around with my wireless webcam last night to no resolution. Another shot at it today and, if that doesn't work, we'll talk with the support people on Monday. I wonder if the damned thing is actually defective? I suspect not, I suspect it's interacting with something in the system that's old and out of date and not failing through the incompetence of the installer. The old and out of date installer.

One thing that comes from fixing (attempting to fix) computer problems is you get cleaner nooks and crannies around the equipment table. My little D-Link Ethernet switch is all shiny and new, now that the encrusted dust has been scraped off, its aluminum case all buffed up and polished. If you're one of these anal types who keeps lists and checks them off when they're accomplished: does cleaning up an aluminum box with a bunch of cables connected to it count? Worth an evening's effort? A FRIDAY evening's effort? All questions of importance here at the moment.

Later. Other than taking a break for a quick walk down around the farmer's market and back I've been futzing with this webcam and my wireless station and my webcam and my wireless station.... Well, I've been futzing around to no damned avail I'm afraid. Still, the dust removal has been prodigious, even though I've managed to screw some other things up through all this effort. Just sit back, turn on the fan (it's too warm), finish the entry and see if I can move it up to the journal. The head is a little scrambled, but getting any of this done is a sign it's not all that scrambled and I think I'll do the Gay Pride Parade tomorrow morning, come back, chill out and take one more crack at this webcam crap.

The photograph was taken at lunch yesterday in Oakland with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor lens at 1/250 second, f 3.5, ISO 200.