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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 18, 2022


Wednesday. Slept more yesterday during the day than I have in the near past. Tired. Got the walk in, watched something called The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix, but that was about it.

Up this morning at six-thirty, although I awoke just before six and listened to the radio before getting up to have breakfast downstairs in the kitchen, the usual cereal, orange juice, coffee and a banana again, before heading back to lie down again and listen to the news.

Took the blood pressure at eight-forty (127/68, 124/71, 109/67) which I suppose is OK, took it again at ten thirty-five (114/61, 112/67, 110/61) to find it better and so debated heading out for the walk on this rain showers morning.

Watched a few innings of the Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay game before deciding it was time to take the walk whether I was feeling up for it or not and so headed out the door, the streets wet, but not raining, and so walked about halfway through the usual course when I started having vision problems and the heart started beating/skipping faster. Needless to say I stopped taking pictures. OK, a first for this.

Made it home and sat down to let the heart slow down and come back into a reasonable rhythm. Took maybe five minutes. We will think about setting out in the future if we were feeling as I did when I set out this morning. Maybe I should be more concerned.

Back upstairs to lie down and watch more of the Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay game, the Rays still ahead. Took a break to have scrambled eggs and a beef sausage for lunch not long after noon with my sister, returned to check on the game to find it was over, the Rays having won. No surprises there.

Later. Thus the day has gone. Lights out at nine. Tired.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2016 How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.