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April 8, 2013

Starting Well
Monday. I did have spaghetti with clam sauce last night without any backlash. Which is good (as you may have guessed). Not sure it portends any good when it turns out to be a central topic of discussion. I skipped the whiskey, although I may experiment later. Been a while since I've had any and I guess it will now be a while longer.

Anyway, to bed just after nine, up at six with the alarm, off to breakfast and back on a sunny, going to be a good day, morning. We are pleased. How different the attitude when the clouds don't appear.

Later. Bright sun, but a brisk wind when I left the apartment in a warm coat. A walk across to the lake to take a picture or two of the emerging flowers, a glance at the watch to see I just might make the bus if I were to return to the stop and indeed returned to reach the stop just as the bus was arriving. If people ahead of me hadn't been waiting I'd have missed it, but a ride downtown for no reason other than a bus had arrived and I was there to take it. Must be the sun. Or wind.

I remembered the new dedicated art area next to the Fox theater on Telegraph as the bus was turning onto Grand and so got off the bus early for a look. OK. Not sure of my feelings about the sculptures themselves, but I do like the thought. In many ways an interesting town, this town.

A caramel latte and a raspberry shortbread cookie (expensive, but nice) in the Rotunda building; a walk then through the City Center, the tables still in the buildings' shadows, nothing inviting me to stay; a walk on then to end up at the Asian Cultural Center, only to turn around almost immediately to catch the bus.

So: the adventures of the morning. The wind was less chilly on the way home so it will be warmer this afternoon and they're saying up into the very low eighties tomorrow. So what if the sinus-upper palate is aching and the vision goes double for those first ten minutes out in the sun? We're cookin’, we are, not baking here under the sun.

Later still. Probably shouldn't have had that caramel latte. I'll blame whatever I've been experiencing (that led to a nap) on the latte, that raspberry shortcake cookie was just way too good to possibly be the culprit.

More work on my 11"x14" print project. I figure I'll do three or so a day until it's done, get it out of my hair, deliver it to the kids and regain some modest credibility. Of course I had to order three more ink cartridges to replace three that are getting low, these things do happen. The Epson ink cartridges are quite large and last a long time, but there are nine of them in this particular model and go for something like fifty bucks a pop. Diddle-dee-dop. You begin to think the printing is free until you have to replace them.

Evening. I've never framed an 11"x14" print before, so I ordered some picture frame kits and then printed two photographs to frame for my own use here at the apartment when they arrive.

I have a small space I can give them on one of the walls. Maudlin, but not overly maudlin. I have many, many framed photographs and even more unframed photographs taped up at odd places, there isn't much room left for more, but I guess I've not quite yet come to grips with the fact both of these ladies are gone. If I'd had to bet I'd have bet on my demise well before theirs, but there really isn't any rule about who first in line at that particular door.

Skipped around the various television programs at six and after, didn't really watch any of them, but got in a decent session on the guitar. I finally have this current exercise memorized and it's a now a matter of tightening it up so it begins to sound the way it was meant to sound (when played by a real guitar player). That's good. That's all I ask. Getting in enough practice without having to push or fret or make excuses as I did and I dreaded when I was young. Bringing up this youngster has been a long, dumb and bumpy road.

A good evening, the head clear, no after effects from that late afternoon spaghetti (with red clam sauce) dinner I had at four, the week, it seems, is starting well.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.