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April 9, 2013

Why Not?
Tuesday. To bed early again, awake fifteen minutes before the alarm and so off to breakfast and back without particular effort. The day is clear, the sun is shining and maybe I can get through this entry without obsessing on any of the usual quotidian obsessions.

One “value” of a journal is that it shows you how far the mind has been wandering. Puts it down right here on the screen, no way around it. My, my. I seem to be, well, drifting. Easy to hide in day to day matters, how you project it to the world, to hide it from yourself as well, but hard to deny when there's a record. Most people aren't foolish enough (to publish) a record.

At least you're not looking for work or running for office.

Most people self destruct with just a Facebook account.

Later. The laundry is done well before I'd run out of clear underwear. Plenty of socks, shorts, sheets and towels to last another week or more, yet I took whatever I had in the hampers downstairs after returning home and threw it in the wash. Another yet to be unraveled morning mystery created and filed up on the (what was that about?) shelf well before noon.

These things happen.

Not around here.

Later still. A walk in shirt sleeves to the ATM before circling back and then around by the theater to usual place to have lunch, no thought to take the shorter route on Mandana over the hill. A nice walk. T-shirt weather really, no need to add the shirt. Warm, in other words, without being too warm.

The trees now flowering along the lake are picking up steam. You think of trees as stationary, never moving other than in a wind, and yet they do grow quickly when the time is right (probably in secret after midnight). So some pictures.

A garden salad, ice cream and lemonade sitting out at a table in the shade on their patio, taking my time. The head clear, although the nose was a bit stuffed up when I finished. Without the sinus-upper palate problem I'd never have paid attention to the nose, but now every change is a sign, another thought: maybe it's improving, maybe it's not.

More prints later this afternoon, I'd think. Push this project along while I maintain an interest. There are more prints required than I'd first realized.

Evening. It became clearer at about twenty minutes in I'd seen the Maigret that started at six. I always mention this, but it doesn't seem to worry me much. More an advantage than a disadvantage, no thought it's a signal of less manageable lapses to come.

I talked myself into bailing after an hour (it runs an hour and a half) to catch a Korean soap I've started following, checked the CBS site after to see if there was a new Elementary tomorrow, discovered the new one had run last Thursday instead and so watched the missed chapter for some twenty minutes before the web stream failed (a first for that) and I ended the evening with a Netflix movie I'd begun watching last week. Complicated evening, even for me.

Oh, and guitar. We got our practice in. Good. Start the day with good, end the day with good. Why not? It's my journal.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.