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April 10, 2013

And Over Again
Wednesday. To bed before ten. A bit of a fitful night, awakening twice to get up and take a leak, but up reasonably clear headed before the alarm to head out and back from breakfast on another nice day.

I did, for whatever reason, have two shots of whiskey last night over the course of a couple of hours. Not sure why, more a doing to just see what would happen than anything else. No adverse effects that I can find, unless it had some part in awakening twice last night.

One scene in last night's Maigret had a potential suspect being interrogated about how he'd slept on the night of the murder, leading the interrogator to ask if he had insomnia because he said he'd gone to bed at nine-thirty and been unable to fall asleep by ten. Problems?

How many times have I gone to sleep at nine-thirty and found myself awake at ten, at ten-thirty, at eleven? Then again I'm never sure I hadn't dropped off only to briefly awake to see the clock, note the time and then drop off again. A light sleep at the beginning, the deeper sleep toward the end? Insomnia? Is that insomnia?

The interrogating inspector not only thought the suspect had an insomnia problem, but the suspect admitted he felt the same, had gone to the point of taking sleeping pills, but with minimal effect. Medical diagnoses by watching a 50's era Maigret now on Tuesday nights?

I wouldn't necessarily take any critical life lessons from a now long out of production subtitled French detective series, not since Freedom fries.

There's always House.

Later. A warm day, definitely t-shirt weather. A walk to the morning restaurant for a cheeseburger, ice cream and lemonade. A light breakfast earlier and so I was hungry.

I received a replacement lens hood for the 24-120mm lens this morning, taking a chance when I'd ordered it that it would correct the wobbly way the old hood attached to the lens. Not a big deal, just a slight movement if you touched it, had no effect on the pictures and it wasn't apparent except when you were taking it in hand or slinging it over your shoulder. Why spend the money on a new one?

Well, it was disconcerting. Made itself known, not with a slight clicking noise, but with what I heard AS A SHOUT!! So I took a chance and ordered a new hood, believing the problem had started when I'd bumped the lens a year or so ago and it started driving me up the wall. Success. It clicked into place, snap, no more movement, no more maddening clicking noises and life is now again complete. Well, for the moment. Camera life. With that lens.

Later still. Another dozen prints added to the now ongoing project, we're making progress. My three picture a day promise to myself has actually settled in at six and, given what I'm seeing in my less than perfect picture making talents, I may well start over and do them all again. They're OK, they look OK, but I've been having the nagging thought they're really not all that up to snuff. Deficient eye, deficient Photoshop talent, an opportunity now to dig and and straighten them all out.

And this is good?

Well, would it be better to duck the head and do nothing about it? Self?

Evening. Another Don Matteo at six so we watched the news until the Korean spy (North vs. South vs. East vs. West) cartoonish shoot 'em up. Our true colors are revealed in our entertainment tastes.

Over and over again.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.