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April 27, 2013

Starting To Pay Off
Saturday. To bed after nine, up once to go to the bathroom having drunk too much water later in the evening last night (I keep forgetting rationalizing you're not supposed to do that), up just before the alarm to head out to breakfast and back, the morning café open but locked when I arrived. Not so many customers so early on a Saturday morning as you'll find on a week day morning.

Back to the apartment to take a nap, feeling a little funky, but nothing over the top. Not enough sleep or adding that muffin to the waffle and sliced bananas and strawberries for breakfast? Or perhaps that order of toast? Let's say it was the phase of the moon, as good as any of my guesses of late.

Still, up now at eleven thinking of taking the next bus to pick up those prescription refills I've needed to pick up now for a while.

Later. An hour lying down listening to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! rambling in the background, up to then catch a bus downtown to take care of the pharmacy run. Two of the prescriptions were ready, the third one has been requested from the doctor without answer now for two weeks, but it's one I can live without. Odd not to have a response, though.

A decision to walk across Broadway to have a bagel and a cup of coffee out at a table in the City Center, rather than catch the next bus back to the apartment. A walk farther on along Broadway when I'd finished to go by the ATM and then a bus the rest of the way home. But one picture, a duplicate of one I'd taken yesterday, but it was enough. On to the morning café to round out lunch? Maybe. It's warm now, no need for a jacket, but I'm hesitating. Not uncommon.

Later still. It's nice out there, lots of folks walking and running the lake, people practicing their juggling, tight rope walking, dancing and sleeping. How did I know he was sleeping (as opposed to dead?). Because he was sleeping on his left side and not on his back when I passed again on the way home. I suspect we're of a similar age.

Lunch was ice cream and lemonade, we'll see if there's a kick back later from the ice cream. It is of course a suspect, as all things are suspect, but I'm not sure any of them are really to blame. At least the head is clear, the sinuses are clean and the attitude good.

I said hello to fellow photographer Mr. K approaching the farmers market on the way to lunch and he took a picture with my camera. I wasn't quick enough to think to take his picture too, but I'm often not as quick as I'd like on the uptake. Life would be easier (and probably less boring) if I were writing instead of living this existence.

Are you sure your head is clear? That sounds a little opaque.

We're just continuing to write on after the well has run dry, words following words, meaning waving to us frantically back there in the distance.

Evening. I don't watch much commercial television, had periods of years where I didn't watch it at all when I was younger, so this retirement business has been a cold water reintroduction to the beast as it now stalks among us.

Two programs, really, Elementary for whatever reason and House, which I'm watching now. Do you have any idea how many advertisements they run during an hour of House? I'm learning. I am. Wasn't there a time when they limited the number of minutes of television advertising you could run during an hour? I believe there was, but the networks strong armed them talked them into changing the law. Just like the banks.

I'd have to say another decent day, though, no ocular elements for a while. Will it hold? The new finger picking exercise is going well, it's starting to sound like something you'd hear from a guitar and I've gotten far enough along that it's starting to play itself (as in memorized). Interesting to see the way the body picks up the sequence, how long it takes to get the movements down. I've been doing this for some time now, don't really remember the reasons I started, maybe it's starting to pay off.

The photo up top was taken waiting out on the patio for my guitar lesson to start with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 VR Macro Nikkor lens.