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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 29, 2013

Ms. Liu Watson Attractive
Monday. To bed early, up at six-thirty having paid no attention to the earlier alarm. Sunny out there, another good day ahead. More pictures to process today and (please?) catch up on the guitar. Don't want to get behind on the guitar, the new finger picking exercise is going well, but only if I press, only if I spend the time it requires.

To breakfast and back, remembering to take a picture of the pandorea buds in the making. Missed taking a picture yesterday for some reason. Probably that trip to the supermarket. Scrambled the routine, messed with the head.

Later. Another nap - my, my - and then another session with the photographs. Yes, there are some sixty odd decent ones (if you stretch “decent” just a bit) and so there will be three sections. Three sections take time to do, yes they do.

A walk to the morning café for lunch, a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich, ice cream and lemonade. Actually a fairly substantial lunch these days. A bit of double vision as I started out in the bright light, finally ending as I was returning. Home now to start on the photographs again, working on the HTML pages and later the little thumbnails, the photos themselves are done.

Later still. OK, they're done, not sure what I think of them. Let's just hope it's my usual routine: work on the pictures for many hours and doubts appear for the bulk of the little bastards. Such is photographic life, here in Oakland.

Evening. Nothing on television other than the Korean soap about advertising men and women mixed together with the usual boy meets girl, families don't agree, terrible bowing and scraping before anyone and everyone who may be senior to you at work. It all seems to be about the changing rigidity of the Korean patriarchical family structure as it enters the world we ourselves entered some few generations back. Not a lot difference between us except in degree.

And you were watching this?

It's rather like drinking something that's both sweet and sour. A taste of sweet on first bite - OK, interesting - followed by another bite and the tast of sour - what in the hell am I watching, have I gone nuts? Not unlike experiencing House.

And Elementary?

Nah. That's because it's Sherlock Holmes and I find Ms. Liu Watson attractive.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm
f 2.8G VR II Nikkor lens.